Top 5 Potential Clients Of Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Cody’s loss at AEW Revolution to MJF led to a lot of questions. The main one:

What would be next for everybody’s favorite Nightmare other than a new tattoo?

There were plenty of theories out there, but I didn’t see anybody predicting what we got.

Wednesday night wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Jake “The Snake” Roberts appear in AEW. He served as the dealer for the Women’s Casino Royale Battle Royal at AEW’s All Out event. We know all about Jake’s story through the years, and how it’s quite amazing that he’s even alive today. Now he’s back in the limelight, and I don’t think Cody’s going to be too happy about it when things are all said & done.

Jake will be the Snake outside of the ring that his client’s opponents will be distracted by. He still comes off as a sick, twisted soul who you lean in towards your TV set to listen to. The man still spins a good yarn, and he’ll make a fine manager/coach/whatever role they end up giving him.

Who will Jake’s client be? I’ve come up with five possibilities.

5. Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy definitely ranks high on the list of creepiest AEW wrestlers, does he not? Just a disturbing fellow that seems to be missing something. I’ve suggested that he develop a fireball to add to his arsenal, but the guy definitely needs something to stand out in AEW so he can get on Dynamite once in awhile. He’s a solid talker, but adding Jake to his side would boost him up another level.

4. Hangman Adam Page

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

I can already hear Gorilla Monsoon saying “HIGHLY UNLIKELY”, but bear with me here for a moment. We all know that Adam’s going through a heavy drinking stage, something that Jake is all too familiar with. When one’s going through one of these stages in life, they can be easily influenced. Jake knows this. Page has already turned against two of his Elite co-conspirators, would it really be that surprising if he added a third to the list?

3. Jeff Cobb

We’ve seen Cobb appear in AEW recently as a hired gun for the Inner Circle. He reportedly hasn’t signed a contract with AEW, but he’s in the universe as somebody whose services are available to the highest bidder. Now, Jake implied that this individual was his client, so perhaps this excludes Cobb from the discussion. Then again, Jake has lied to us in the past. Cody vs. Cobb would make for quite the interesting matchup, and Cobb’s never exactly been known for his speaking skills.

2. Brodie Lee

Speaking of people not known for their speaking skills, when’s the last time we heard this guy talk on a wrestling show? Brodie’s always been more of a follower than a leader, and tends to follow people with evil blood running through their veins. People considered Bray Wyatt the second coming of Jake Roberts some years ago, and now seems as good a time as any for Brodie to seek out the genuine article. Brodie Lee is a scary looking individual that’s big in stature with the in-ring ability to live up to Jake’s words.

1. Lance Archer

AEW did a somewhat bad thing this week. After advertising Lance Archer’s debut for the 3/4 edition of Dynamite, they pulled all the tweets & mentions of it & ol’ Lance was nowhere to be seen on Wednesday night. The hot news reports speculate that AEW wanted to spread out the upcoming debuts and held off on Archer’s debut for that purpose. There’s a very good chance that this is the exact reason.

Some bookers would have had Jake Roberts make his debut, his client make his debut in the same segment, and have Jake’s client take on Cody later in the night. AEW’s going to drag this thing out a little bit. Archer’s tweet on Jake either means he’s the guy or he wants us to think he’s the guy. Either way, it’s interesting. Archer has spoken of #KillingTheElite since signing, and Jake’s set the target on Cody. Makes sense to me!

Who do you think Jake’s client is? Let us know down in the comment section!

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