Top 5 Potential Wrestling Couples


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we look at the Top 5 Potential Wrestling Couples.

We all know that love and marriage go together like a horse & carriage, and there are plenty of happy couples in the world of professional wrestling. Many keep their happiness off-screen, while some brave souls put it all out there on television every week. Then there are some that have to act like they’re putting it all out on television. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I thought today would be a good day for me to serve as matchmaker and make some couples for the purpose of on-screen professional wrestling. I’m not saying these folks would make good matches outside the ring. We’re focusing on in-character sports entertainment here.

5. Murphy & Toni Storm

Potential Wrestling Couples

Potential Wrestling Couples

WWE sure seems to have high hopes for Murphy. They’re teaming him with Seth Rollins, they stripped him of his first name…they’re doing everything they try to do in these situations. I feel like ol’ boy is still missing something though, and that something just might be a female companion. This pairing might be a bit of a stretch, but I feel it works because we know that Murphy has a thing for blondes. Also, it gets Toni Storm on Raw, which I think would be pretty cool.

4. MJF & Mel

Here’s the thing. AEW signed Mel to a contract and had her shave her head to be part of this Nightmare Collective. As it turned out, the gimmick didn’t get over at all and now she’s on the sideline with a shaved head doing nothing. If I was MJF, I’d have a little conversation with Mel, maybe whisper some sweet nothings into her ear, then get her on my side. Cody’s wife Brandi is back by his side and she’s interfered in matches before, and certainly Mel should have some bad feelings towards Brandi for her current predicament.

Honestly, what good romance doesn’t involve a healthy amount of hate?

3. Joey Janela & Kris Statlander

Potential Wrestling Couples

It seems to me that Janela could really use some help in his feud with Kip Sabian & his ex-girlfriend Penelope Ford. Somebody to even the score & keep Ford out of things. Looking at AEW’s roster, I see one woman that would be easily capable of that, and would seem to be a match with Joey character-wise. I mean, couldn’t you see Joey Janela dating an alien? It’d be stranger if he was dating a regular human being.

2. King Corbin & Billie Kay

Potential Wrestling Couples

Every King needs a Queen, right? Corbin has surrounded himself with quite the royal entourage since winning the King of the Ring tournament, but there are certain needs a King has that Dolph Ziggler or Robert Roode can’t be asked to attend to. Billie Kay is one-half of an act that’s off television and in apparent need of repackaging, so I see no reason why she can’t be taken out of that mess and aligned with the King. I see this pairing working for two main reasons:

-Corbin has one of the most annoying characters on the male side of the roster
-Kay has one of the most annoying characters on the female side of the roster

Put them together, and it should be quite the heat-getting couple!

Honorable Mention: Dr. Britt Baker & Tony Schiavone

I sure can’t. These two are simply adorable. If Velveteen Dream’s next feud ends up being with Adam Cole, he needs to put Britt & Tony’s faces on his tights.

1. Pete Dunne & Rhea Ripley

The similarities between these two are pretty striking. Many people on social media & Internet forums have commented on how Pete looks like a male Rhea Ripley and Rhea looks like a female Pete Dunne. Nobody means either of these things as an insult. Pete was the United Kingdom Champion for 685 days, while Rhea held the NXT: UK Women’s Championship for 139 of those days. They were heels in the UK, they became faces upon making their way to America.

They might be a little too similar, in fact. But I think it’d be a good pairing and I’d be all about a match pitting Dunne & Ripley against Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch at some point down the road.

That’s five of the potential wrestling couples that could work in storylines. What are some of your potential wrestling couples?

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