Top 5 RAW Moments: 11-5-13


Hey guys, Jared Monk aka Jae Knox here. I’m going to be doing a weekly blog series titled “Top 5 Raw Moments” in which I touch on the best moment from each upcoming Monday Night Raw broadcast. This is of course opinionated so don’t be too harsh. You can leave your comments, opinions as well as your top 5 lists as well. Just remember, nothing is off limits when it comes to moments. So you can include a match, a pop, a backstage segment, a joke from Michael Cole, something a fan is wearing, a chant, etc. Nothings off limits.

5. Corporate Kane in a suit minus the mask

This was a pretty cool moment, while we knew Kane would be joining the Corporation due to his actions last week, I don’t think anyone imagined he’d be coming out in a suit. The look was actually pretty cool and he was sporting some hair on the top. I figured he’d come out bald. I think we’re all anxious about what his role will be. He pretty much took the nonviolent approach and provided The Shield with chairs while he took a step back and watched the action. Excited to see how this plays out.

4. John Cena’s acknowledgement of the breast cancer survivors in attendance

Great moment here as well. I love the WWE’s connection with Susan G and I love how everyone took the time to ignore their hate for Cena to pay tribute to the strong men and women whom have all beaten breast cancer. I’d like to see more WWE Superstars get elected to push and promote breast cancer beyond just pink apparel. I get that WWE is trying to make Cena to be the be all end all. But you have people like Layla whom lost her mother when she was a little girl to breast cancer as well as Titus O’Neil who lost a family member as well. Cena does have a brother that has battled cancer but I think it would’ve been cool to see Layla and O’Neil get more involved because cancer is real, I’d loved to see them in the ring during October reaching out to fans as well. Great moment but it seems no matter what, Cena has to be the ambassador for everything.

3. Randy Orton’s Promo

What a sick promo from Orton. First of all he came out to the biggest pop of the night after Punk but dude is starting to gain some of that 2009 heel momentum he had back then. This was a very Rick Rude like promo and it really got him a bit more over with the crowd. I love how he pointed out that every woman in that audience wanted to be with him and every man in that audience envied him. It was typical, but he delivered it perfectly and it got the job done.

2. Tyson Kidd is back on Raw to team with his wife Natalya

I did not see this coming but I was glad to see it happen. Tyson Kidd looks damn good, he’s amazing. He pulled off some spots we’ve never seen from him and even before the injury, I always felt as if himself and Daniel Bryan are the best workers in the WWE with the slight edge going to Tyson. Daniel gets to prove himself a ton with 20 minute matches so we know what he can do. But if you were to give Tyson 20 minutes a night to work a match, he’d tear the roof off any arena. Dude is the best worker in the WWE bar none.

His attire was very reminiscent of Evan Bourne’s and it got me thinking. Maybe they should let Kidd take the role of Bourne. Before Bourne got injured, he was a staple on Raw. Bourne was featured on pretty much every Raw and was going over on guys like Jericho at the time. What if Tyson Kidd could slip into that role. After the way he looked tonight and seeing as Heyman is off television for now, I’d love to see Tyson get that I.C. strap from Axel. Give it to a worker who’s been around for quite some time.

1. Daniel Bryan makes the save for Cm Punk against The Wyatt’s

The best moment of course happened at the very beginning of the show. We all knew it would happen but the excitement it drew from the crowd was insane. I loved every second of that. When Bryan and Punk cleared the ring and posed, Jesus that crowd went nuts. That was a huge internet IWC moment for us because I literally ate that up. Great moment, I’m sure we all can’t wait to see where they go from here with this angle.

Well there you have it guys. Leave all feedbacks, honorable mentions and let me know what I missed out on. Take care guys.

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