Top 5 things to take away from this week in WWE


End of Roman’s Reign?

WWE is known to build a superstar to the moon only to watch them crash and burn! I believe this is the same fate for Roman Reigns. Although this wasn’t expect quite so soon, I don’t believe Reigns as translated with the fans the way that WWE would want him too. It’s not known for sure, but I think with so many different superstars stepping up and getting their name heard. Roman may ultimately be lost in the shuffle.

And I’ll say it again, stop bloody talking about your family roman… Ok rock is you cousin SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

End of Roman's Reign?

We want Ambrose


I put this in a recent post of mine. Payback wasn’t just a Sheild reunion. I believe it was Dean Ambrose’ proving ground. The time for him to prove if he could hold his on in that top spot. And obviously he did! With one of the best feuds of 2014 , Rollins V Ambrose, main eventing the Elimination Chamber PPV, I think it can be inferred that we will be seeing a lot more of the rise of Dean Ambrose. I don’t think that he will win at Elimination Chamber but he’ll certainly give us something to talk about.

We want Ambrose

Elimination Chamber Will be the WWE PPV OF THE YEAR

I know what your thinking, “Big claim you are making there smith” ! Fair, but let me explain. WWE always puts on that one PPV that makes us say, “yeah, good, why don’t they do that all the time?” And Elimination Chamber seems to be the perfect platform for that same response. Elimination Chamber PPV has different faces in main events, innovative matches, a a feeling that the titles on the line aren’t just fillers, but they actually mean something. Plus this essentially a free PPV so WWE is gonna push the network heavy and they will make sure that they have their best to show. I may be totally wrong, but I’m calling Elmination PPV of the Bloody year!!I

Unless of course it sucks, then you didn’t hear this from me.

Elimination Chamber Will be the WWE PPV OF THE YEAR

Owens v. Cena

At Elimination Chamber, Win lose or Draw, we can expect this Cena /Owens feud to continue until at least Summerslam.

On one side, I’m fine with it, I love that Cena is pushing a talent like Steen( it’s better than Owens) but on the flip, one of the best things going is Cenas open challenges on RAW. Regardless, don’t expect this Cena / Owens feud to be over anytime soon.

Owens v. Cena

Joe is going to kill… Someone.

Biggest news coming out of this week is the TNA & ROH vet debuting on NXT. Which was awesome! But what now? Obviously he won’t be on NXT for long, he’s gonna go to the main roster soon enough but who will the Samoan submission Machine set his sights on? I’d say Daniel Bryan but he’s you know retired or something. Maybe Cena, it be kinda cool to see the face of WWE versisarguably the face of TNA although the storyline won’t be like that. But I personally would love to see Joe go in one of two directions. If he is a face, he ends the authority. It’s been going on too long and I think A destructive force like Joe could be believable in ending the Authority. And if he goes heel, he’d be a good feud for roman Regins and the storyline could be the Joe is the only Somoan Wrestler not to come for Regins family, and he will end there legacy and build his one. That may suck but hey I never said I was a writer. I just write post on the fantastic Ewrestling. Com

Joe is going to kill... Someone.

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