Top Five Best Cities To Host A Future Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania is undoubtedly the biggest wrestling show of the year. No matter what promotion you’re a fan of, Vince’s brainchild is the pinnacle of wrestling shows. This year the Showcase of the Immortals will stream live from New Jersey and next year, in Tampa Bay. Cities all around the world are clamoring for their chance to host Wrestlemania as the event boosts tourism and the economy of the city. Without further delay, here are the top five cities to host Wrestlemania in the future.

5. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

With a rich history of talented wrestlers and loyal fans, Toronto may be an exciting place to bring Wrestlemania in the near future. Toronto hosted Wrestlemania in 1990 as well as in 2002, meaning it’s about time for Canada to see another Wrestlemania. Canadian fans from all around the country would flock to Toronto to break the current attendance record for the Rogers Center which is already held by WWE with 67,000+ fans piled into the arena for Wrestlemania X8.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The home of Wrestlemania XV and the first of the famous Steve Austin vs The Rock bouts, Philadelphia boasts passionate fans, and a rich wrestling history. In addition to the important history relating to ECW and one of WWE’s best rivalries, Lincoln Financial Field seats over 70,000 fans and will be vacant during Wrestlemania season due to the NFL offseason, making this a more than viable option to hold the event.

3. Las Vegas

In 2020, Las Vegas will unveil a brand new, 65,000 seat football stadium which suddenly creates a new place for WWE to host the Showcase of the Immortals. Las Vegas was home to the disastrous Wrestlemania IX, but WWE can learn from their mistakes and redeem themselves with a new Wrestlemania in Vegas. Vegas lends itself easily to a show where the set can be constructed to a crowd pleasing Las Vegas theme and WWE can play into the Vegas gimmick heavily.

2. Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the loudest, most passionate, and knowledgeable wrestling fans in the world. Whether you hate the crowd for their chants of CM Punk, or love them for hijacking shows in 2014, you always know a Chicago show will be entertaining. With that being said, Chicago hasn’t hosted Wrestlemania in over 10 years but boasts some of the richest pro wrestling history and talent in the world.

1. London, England 

Home of the immensely successful Summerslam 1992 show, WWE must consider bringing Wrestlemania outside of North America for the first time ever. If WWE is going to hold the Show of Shows outside of the US or Canada, London is the perfect place to do it. With extremely passionate and loyal fans, WWE’s UK fan base is simply growing with the start of WWE’s UK division. Wembley Stadium in London can comfortably seat over 80,000 people as well which makes this the perfect place for WWE to host a future Wrestlemania.

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