Top Five Wrestlers I’d Like To See In WWE


Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion in the wrestling community about some possible future additions to the WWE roster. On Monday’s RAW, the Sting commercial for WWE 2K15 aired and caused a lot of speculation among fans about the possibility of “The Icon” finally coming to WWE after so many years.

Rob Van Dam returned recently. As did Chris Jericho. These things have led me to think about who I’d like to most see standing inside of a WWE ring.

Let’s take a look at the top five wrestlers I’d like to see in WWE.

#5.Bully Ray

Ever since Bubba Ray Dudley dropped the Dudley gimmick, and the carbon-copy Team 3D gimmick and became the “Bully Ray” that we know him as today in TNA, I have wanted to see him return as a singles competitor in WWE. I think he is among the best talkers in the game today and could really have a solid run outside of the tag-team division in WWE. He has mentioned in interviews that he would heavily consider a return to WWE and I for one hope it happens some day.

#4. Steve Austin

Ever year around WrestleMania time, the talk of “Stone Cold” having one final match comes up. The Rattlesnake isn’t getting any younger, so if it’s going to happen, it needs to happen soon. Austin had WWE mega-star John Cena on his podcast a few months ago and Cena formally invited Austin to attend WrestleMania 31 near his home in California, as the big event takes place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara next year. Austin also had Paul Heyman on his podcast not too long ago, and Heyman managed to get Austin to admit that he would like to work a program with Brock Lesnar.

As unlikely as it seems for Austin to wrestle again, with the WWE Network tanking, WWE is more apt to pull out the big guns and deliver something that would get fans to sign up. What better idea than a “Stone Cold” return to convince old fans to sign up?

#3. Kurt Angle

Speaking of podcasts, the former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle appeared on Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” this past week and talked extensively about his desire to return to WWE. I’m of the opinion that it would be criminal for Angle to finish his career anywhere but WWE. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Angle in WWE, but with his TNA contract coming to an end, now is the time to make it happen.

Can he pass the WWE physical with all of his injuries? Is he legitimately clean and sober like he claims? These are hurdles he and WWE would need to jump before they could put pen-to-paper and make a deal happen, but I truly hope it does because I would love to see Kurt Angle finish up his Hall Of Fame-worthy career on the biggest stage possible.

#2. Sting

The commercial for WWE 2K15 aired this past Monday night and got everyone excited at the idea of “The Icon” in WWE. It’s never happened before and at 55 years old, if it doesn’t happen soon, it never will. Sting has made it clear that he would like to work for WWE and wrestle “one more match.” He’s also made it clear that he would like that match to take place at WrestleMania 31, with The Undertaker being his desired opponent.

I love it.

Do I think it will happen? I’m not so sure. He may sign with the company, but can he, at his age, pass the WWE physical required in order to compete? I have my doubts. Hopefully he can, however, because the one image (outside of Bret Hart returning to WWE after the Montreal Screwjob) that I thought I would never see is Sting standing in the middle of a WWE ring. For the longest time he’s been the only big name that never passed through WWE, and it seemed like the timing was never going to be right for him to enter the company. Well, the timing is perfect right now and I have my fingers crossed in hopes that it indeed takes place.

#1. CM Punk

Go ahead, call me a mark, because that’s exactly what I am. I am an enormous CM Punk fan. The infamous “pipe bomb” promo is what hooked me back into the world of sports entertainment for a few years, as the “PG Era” had me bored to the point that the thing I loved most — pro wrestling — had become too boring to keep up with anymore.

Until CM Punk finally broke through.

His deal just expired recently and now he’s free to finally come out of hiding and work on some projects. Blah. While I’m a big CM Punk fan, I don’t expect to get as much enjoyment out of listening to a Punk Podcast as I would if he were standing where he belongs — in a wrestling ring. As I would if he were doing what he does best — promos. Matches. He calls himself “The Best in the World” for a reason. He is. And I hope that he hasn’t hung up his X-marked wrist-tape for good because that would absolutely suck.

Come back, CM Punk! We miss you brotha!

Who would you guys like to see in WWE the most? Leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below. You can also hit me up on Facebook at and/or Twitter @MBoone420.

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