Top Picks for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2021 at WrestleMania 37


1) Adam Cole

I’m hoping and expecting Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly will face each other at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver in a Loser Leaves Town match.

In that scenario, Cole has to lose. Not only is he the heel in the feud, he’s also the more established star. He can go up to the Raw or SmackDown roster, while O’Reilly is better suited for NXT.

What better way to pop the crowd than with a surprise Cole in this match? Also, what better way to put him on the map on the main roster than with a big win here? It’s also a means to offset criticism that he’s too small, as his initial impression will be beating a ton of other guys.

Heels work better as winners of these matches, too, as they can gloat. Cole can cut great promos and I can imagine he’d carry this honor with a lot of bravado. He’s the perfect candidate.

Who do you think will win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this year? Are you rooting for anyone to take the trophy? Tell us your predictions in the comments below!

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