Top Ten Hell In A Cell Moments Of All Time


In honor of Hell In A Cell last Sunday, I’ve decided to compile my 10 favorite moments from this PPV in WWE history. The brutal structure lives up to it’s name every year as nobody walks out the same. First here are some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

  • Triple H breaks a sledgehammer over Mr. McMahon’s head
  • Ryback Shell-Shocks CM Punk on top of the Cell
  • Triple H Pedigrees Chris Jericho on top of the Cell
  • The Undertaker vs Triple H with HBK as referee
  • Big Boss Man gets hanged by Undertaker
  • The Miz and R-Truth take the Cell Hostage
  • Cena, Swagger, and Punk in the unknown HIAC match
  • Kevin Owens falls from halfway up the Cell



10. Kane debuts during the first HIAC match ever

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were putting on a 5-star match. It was 1997, and the first ever Hell in a Cell match was upon us. All of a sudden, fire and unfamiliar music fills the arena. A man who was just as big as The Undertaker walks up to the Cell. He shoves referees out of the way and literally rips open the Cell door. He climbs in and stares down ‘Taker before he Piledrives and Chokeslams him and then leaves.

This was the debut of a superstar now known as Kane, who has dominated the WWE for almost 20 years now. Not only does this make the list because of Kane, but because it was the first Cell match. WWE did an incredible job with the debut of this structure because they showcased its brutality perfectly! “That’s gotta be Kane!” yelled JR, as The Big Red Machine was introduced to us all. 


9. Edge Spears The Undertaker through the Cell Wall

The Undertaker and Edge were fighting inside of Hell in a Cell and were successful in putting on a great match. Edge had the Undertaker outside of the ring, and Undertaker was injured. He leaned against the wall of the Cell… big mistake! Edge ran full speed and Speared The Undertaker so hard that the wall of the Cell snapped off and both men tumbled outside the ring.

Luckily, Edge didn’t end up being thrown off the Cell like Foley, but what happens to Edge next is awful in its own right. And it’s next on the list.


8. Edge gets Choke Slammed through the ring and lit on fire

After Edge and Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell match, The Undertaker set up a huge ladder in the middle of the ring and carried Edge to the top. The Undertaker grabbed Edge by the throat and proceeded to Chokeslam him from the top of the ladder.

Edge hit the ring with such force, a hole was formed and Edge fell through it. As Undertaker put his arms up, fire rose from the hole Edge fell into. Edge was on fire, and Undertaker fulfilled his promise to “Take Edge to hell. Literally.”


7. HBK takes the fall

Shawn Michaels was hanging on to the top of the Cell by one hand. Suddenly, his life changed forever as his opponent stomped on his hand, causing Shawn to fall off the Cell and through the announcer’s table.

Of course, he wasn’t all the way at the top, but he still fell around 14 feet. The original Cell was 16 feet tall and weighed two tons. Since then, the Cell has been amplified and now stands at 21 feet tall, and weighs five tons!


6. Ambrose and Rollins take simultaneous plunges

Ambrose and Rollins were looking to end their bitter rivalry by fighting inside Hell in a Cell. Afterall, it is reserved for the ending of the most bitter rivalries. The former Shield brothers were clinging to the sides of the Cell, desperately trying to knock one another off. They both head-butt each other at the same time, causing them to lose consciousness. Both wrestlers fall through separate announce tables at the same time. Both men were carried off on stretchers, but continued fighting anyway. They rolled off the stretchers and crawled back into the Cell. The match ended with Rollins as the winner, when Bray Wyatt somehow penetrated the Cell door and slammed Ambrose onto a cinder block.


 5. Shane McMahon’s Leaps Of Faith

Despite the fact that voluntarily throwing yourself off Hell In A Cell is probably the worst decision and single riskiest thing you can do in wrestling, Shane McMahon did it… twice.

At Wrestlemania 32, Shane McMahon hurled himself off the Cell, missing The Undertaker and crashing through the announce table. He walked away with nothing but bumps and bruises. However, he wasn’t as lucky at Hell In A Cell 2017 as Sami Zayn turned heel, allowing Kevin Owens to pick up a victory. Shane attempted the same elbow drop, but suffered a collection of injuries this time. To call Shane crazy would be an understatement.


4. Rikishi gets thrown off the Cell


In the infamous 6-man Armageddon Hell in a Cell World Title match, Rikishi learned a valuable lesson: Never, ever go near The Undertaker in an HIAC match. Especially when you are on top of the 20-foot mega-structure.

There was Rikishi, standing a little bit to close to the edge. Undertaker saw his opportunity and Chokeslammed Rikishi off of the Cell. The real OMG moment came when Rikishi hit the ground, landing in the back of a pickup truck. He lay motionless for the rest of the match. He fell hard. To the crowd’s delight, they had witnessed an historic moment. Though Kurt Angle emerged victorious to retain his title, The Undertaker proved once again, why the Cell is his match!


3. Foley gets flipped through the cell by HHH

In a stellar match between the hardcore legend Cactus Jack and Triple H, the two superstars took the fight to the top of the Cell. Triple H flipped Foley over his shoulders. When Foley landed, he fell through the ceiling of the Cell, causing the ring to legitimately break. Nobody is quite sure if this fall was scripted or not, but regardless, it was Mick’s third and final fall off the Cell. One thing we know for sure, our next event wasn’t scripted.



2. The Undertaker slams Mankind Through the Cell

This was completely unscripted and one of the scariest moments in Pro Wrestling history. Undertaker was attempting to Chokeslam Mankind on top of Cell. The Cell roof broke and Mankind fell all the way through, breaking multiple bones and sustaining other serious injuries. Foley finished the match. Keep in mind, he went through thumbtacks and fell off the Cell in the same match. That brings me to my number one…


1. Mick Foley is thrown from the top of the Cell, through a table, and onto the floor

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