Top Ten TNA Stars Who Fit In WWE (Pt. 2)


Everyone at one time or another has pictured what it would be like for some of the top stars in TNA to work for WWE. It’s easy to make a list of guys you would like to see from TNA end up in WWE, or even guys who you feel deserve to be in WWE. Today we are going to reveal part one of a list of guys that we think would actually fit best into WWE.

Basically, if you were to look at TNA’s roster through a pair of WWE-glasses, which guys would you want? Forget who you would like to see in WWE. Forget who you think deserves to be in WWE the most. Try and put yourselves in the mind of a guy in WWE recruiting talent. Who would best fit in WWE? If WWE were to sign the entire TNA roster, which guys would they actually use and give legitimate pushes to? Today, we are going to take a look at ten guys currently in TNA that fits that very description.

Without further ado, let’s look at numbers five-through-one. To see how numbers ten-through-six were ranked, click here.

#5. Magnus

Everyone who has seen Magnus seems to be in agreement that he has that “it factor.” Something about the guy just makes him appear to be a star. He’s been given a chance to shine in TNA for that very reason, and while it may not be as easy to do so in WWE, something tells me that he would eventually develop as a player in the company. If he was used the right way, Magnus could certainly fit into the company and hang with some of the big boys. Whether or not that ever happens remains to be seen.

#4. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode, more than almost anyone in TNA that is one of their “homegrown” stars, seems to be to be a perfect fit for WWE. He has the size and the look. He has a great in-ring style. More importantly than anything else, he has a credible promo style and carries himself like a star. Roode has passed through WWE briefly, even working a match or two on some of their second-rate programs, but has never been given a legitimate chance in the company. He has made a name for himself since then in TNA, has proven his ability as a top performer in both singles and tag-team action, and if he isn’t held down because of his long-standing run in TNA, could be a pretty big deal in WWE.

#3. Abyss

Abyss, more than any other personality currently in TNA, could be a bonafied Superstar in WWE. He already has the character. Unfortunately WWE likes to create their own characters, but there are some examples in the past of WWE running with something that was created outside of their company. Letting guys come in with their pre-established act, polishing it up a bit in a WWE-style and letting them run with it. If WWE were to do this with Abyss, he could be a big deal. He’s got the size, the look, and has a unique ability as a “big guy” worker to really go for it in a hardcore style that is usually saved for smaller guys. Abyss in WWE has to happen at some point in the future.

#2. Bully Ray

I wanted to badly to put Bully Ray at number one on this list, but it’s just impossible not to rank the guy coming up next as number one. Regardless, Bully Ray is probably the best example of a guy who worked in WWE and went to TNA completely reinventing himself and establishing himself as a top guy under somewhat of a new identity. The Bully Ray character is off-the-charts entertaining and is probably the best overall heel in the business today, regardless of the promotions. Who knows if WWE would let him come in as Bully Ray instead of bringing him back as one-half of the Dudley Boyz with D-Von Dudley, especially considering the fact that their goal seems to be to get the tag-team division going again. If they did let him work a singles run as the Bully Ray character,and didn’t hold him back due to his run with TNA like they’ve done in the past with other guys who left WWE for TNA, he could easily take the top heel spot in the company. That’s how on top of his game he is at the moment.

#1. Kurt Angle

To me another Kurt Angle run in WWE seems inevitable. I would personally be shocked if Angle were to hang up his wrestling boots without putting pen-to-paper on a WWE contract for another run in the company. Angle hasn’t worked in WWE for a long time and since his departure, there have been a ton of new guys established. Just imagine some of the match-ups Angle could work with guys he’s never faced before, or guys he did wrestle that became top-tier stars in his absence. The list is endless. WWE has always loved Angle because he is a legitimate Olympic gold medalist, and his ability to help get new guys over is almost as good as it gets. One more Kurt Angle run in WWE needs to happen before it’s all said and done, and something tells me it will at some point in the future.

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