Top Ten Wrestling Ring Entrances (Pt. 2)


On Friday, per request, we began our look at the top ten best wrestling ring entrances of all-time. Here we are on Sunday, and it’s time to reveal the top five entrances of all-time. Keep in mind that these are not single, one-time entrances like Shawn Michaels’ memorable glide down the zip-line at WrestleMania. We’re looking at the best regular ring entrances in wrestling history.

With that being said, you can click here for a recap of numbers ten-through-six, and off we go to revealing the top five of all-time. We start our list with a current entrance that can be seen almost every Monday night on WWE RAW.

#5. The Wyatt Family

The lights go down, Bray Wyatt holding a lantern appears on the titantron. He blows out the fire and calmly says, “We’re here.” The eery music hits and out walks three big dudes with giant beards, one of which has a sheep mask on. The music picks up, Bray Wyatt sits down in his rocking chair in the aisle, and his two henchmen commence to kicking some butt. Easily the coolest entrance in WWE today.

#4. Goldberg

A security guard knocks on the door, the door opens, out walks “Da Man.” Police escort this bad ass throughout the backstage area and he hits the top of the stage. Pyro goes off as he simply stands there and lets the sparks fall all over him. He breathes in the smoke, blows it out of his nose like a dragon, and throws some uppercuts. He snorts, he growls, and he begins his walk to the ring as his memorable music accompanies the many “Goldberg, Goldberg” chants that fill the arena. This is generally followed by a spear, a jackhammer, and a 1-2-3. The streak continues. Bill Goldberg comes in at number four on our look at the best ring entrances of all-time.

#3. The Brood

Music can have a great effect on a ring entrance. It can make or break the performance. In the case of The Brood, the music was so fitting for the group. Absolutely perfect. The goth-style music would play, a ring of fire would appear at the top of the stage, and through the ground, as if the devil himself was coming from hell to enter the ring, up pops Gangrel and two future mega-Superstars, Edge and Christian, appear. They drink what is supposed to be blood from the big fancy cup, and off to the ring they go. The Brood lands at number three.

#2. The Sandman

Anyone who has experienced an ECW event live in-person during their original days as one of the “big three” promotions in the late 1990s remember this entrance fondly. It is one that runs purely on adrenaline. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” hits the speakers, proving once again that a wrestler’s theme music can be a vital portion of the overall presentation, as The Sandman appears somewhere in the crowd with a giant kendo stick, a can of beer, and a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth. The Sandman pounds a beer, or twelve, and often finds a hot chick in the crowd and pours it down her gullet, “accidentally” splashing it all over her t-shirt or top to give the fans an even better show. Sandman smashes a beer can on his forehead until he bleeds, and off to the races we go. The Sandman’s memorable entrance earns the silver medal in our look at the best wrestling ring entrances of all-time.

#1. The Undertaker

Anyone who creates a list of classic, memorable, or in this case, “best” wrestling ring entrances of all-time and fails to include The Undertaker, let alone place him at number one, is just trying to be different. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen it a thousand times in the past 20 years, but to me, it never gets old. There’s something awe-inspiring about the way The Undertaker enters the ring. If you’ve witnessed it in person, you know. It evokes chills and goosebumps up and down your spine. It’s pro wrestling at its’ finest. The gong hits, the lights go down, and slowly and somewhat creepily, The Undertaker makes his way to the ring. He approaches the ring apron, raises his mighty hands, and the lights slowly come back on. In his prime, Paul Bearer (with an urn) would usually accompany “The Dead Man” (“oooh my Undertaker!”) and help him remove his coat and big, black hat. Undertaker pulls his gloves up as tight as he can get them, and “The Phenom” prepares to capture another soul. Rest In Piece. The Undertaker tops our list of the best wrestling ring entrances of all-time.

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