Top Vehicle Moments in WWE


DX Flies High

DX lived to make Vince McMahon Miserable and we lived to watch. During the McMahon-DX feud there were some hilarious moments, but maybe not quite as funny as the time DX was able to spray there famous logo on the side of Vince’s Million Dollar private plane

DX Flies High

Would you like a paint job? Yes!

During Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top and war against Randy Orton and the authority, Bryan found himself channeling a little bit of the degenerate inside himself. As the Authority praise the face Randy Orton by buying him a new car, DB even the odds and got some revenge by giving Orton a new paint job. Randy Orton might not have liked it but did we all like it? Yes

Would you like a paint job? Yes!


Speaking of War, one of WWE’s most famous wars was between Austin and McMahon. Week after week it almost became a game of which one can get over on the other. But no one can doubt Austin got the best of this by driving a fully functional Zamboni into the arena and beginning to open up a can on all in his way.


Vince blows it… Literally.

This was one of the weirdest, awkward, and ultimately pointless segments in WWE history. But oh was it amazing! For some reason, Vince wanted to fake his death and did so by blowing up a limousine sky high! This was cancelled due to the death of Chris Benoit, however, the destruction of the limo is one we’ll never forget… No matter how much WWE wants us too

Vince blows it... Literally.

Two Words… Beer Truck

A perfect feud… Rock V Austin 1

Two top tier superstars on the rise of greatness, were about to do battle on the stage of greatness, Wrestlemania. But no good feud can happen without a good build and this build was awesome. Stone Cold Steve Austin drove a semi into the arena and drowned The Rock, Vince, and Shane McMahon in a pool of beer. Hilarious! And it made since toward the feud this is still one of WWE’s top vehicle moments

Two Words... Beer Truck

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