Total Divas Summary!


The show has brought importance to each member of the cast company wise and fan base wise, every diva on the show has got big heat in both good and bad ways which is both good for the persona they portray and company financially which is a win win situation in the eyes of the company. But does the show defeat the objective of storylines around actual wrestling? And just showcase jealous talents on the roster wanting to show their more superior? 

Cameron has shown a feisty side to her but also a quite jealous bitchy side but overall that shows she’s got an attitude right for the WWE.


Naomi has shown a quirky whacky side to her which shows her as quite relaxing and fun.

Natalya has shown a fun innocent side which is portrayed through out both series but she also comes across jealous about the younger talents.

Brie is very calm and down to earth and she has shown she can be a diva when she wants to be but theirs a time and a place for that.

Nikki has shown that she is insecure in appearance issues but confident at being good at what she does, this girl has attitude and is fun and bitchy ( In a good way).

Summer-Rae has shown that she is divious and loves to cause trouble, the perfect WWE diva.

Eva Marie don’t obey by the rules and when she does she has some how miss read the rules? #perfectdiva?

What do you think? Who would you like to see as a new cast member? Or do you think the shows ridiculous? Leave opinions, suggestions and ideas.

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