Translating Scott Steiner – The Rants Of April 2012 (1/2)


This is a bit of a throwback for me, as it was one of the first subjects I wrote on the old, old EWN when writers did blogs instead of articles. TNA was going through a rough patch as it plugged Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and undeserving talent like Brooke Hogan and Garret Bischoff, over TNA Originals. Steiner was released from the company in 2012, and immediately went on many twitter rants which I’m going to piece together. Why? Because he’s back with Impact and is still the same guy who never holds back. I’m also writing it up because it’s impossible to retrieve my original blog, so I’d like to bring it back better.

I remember applauding Steiner for saying what was on the fans minds. They were sick of Hogan & Bischoff’s crap, and it was about time someone stood up for them and the TNA roster. Sadly it was Steiner, so not many took notice enough to care. Due to the sheer volume of content .. I’ll have to split this up in to a few articles to get it right. I could put it all in one article, but it would be as big as Steiner’s arms (back in the day). I’ll clean up some of his tweets, to make them less painful to read. If you’re here for light-hearted entertainment, you won’t find much outside this mathematics lesson from the Big Bad Booty Daddy.


April 2nd

“Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan n bischoff video’s from ring ka king? Booking hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings. What an embarassment to tna n spike tv brother… wait… His ex-wife said he was who’s the guy in the sex tape?” Read my tweets people, I am not blasting TNA, if I do I will let you know. Right now, I’m trying to save TNA because its The Titanic and its sinking fast because Hogan and Bischoff are doing the same b******* they did to destroy WCW. It took them 1 1/2 months to drive TNA to its lowest ratings ever. The best way to save it is to jump off and be the voice for the guys that can’t say anything.”

In response to a fan saying he was bitter: Bitter???? I have nothing to be bitter about! I have a contract extension signed by TNA officials that under the circumstances I would not sign.

Translation: After being released from TNA, Scott blasted the creative of Bruce Prichard, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff, and told them to watch his work in India’s Ring Ka King promotion. He brought up Hogan’s sex tape, which was worldwide news by this point. He took the position of being the voice of the TNA  lockerroom, and the TNA fans, to save the promotion before they kill it dead like WCW. He did not sign a new contract as he did not like how the promotion operated.

April 3rd

How app’ate (about) wwe mentions tna by lawler makin fun of pritchard having a heart attack. That fat piece of s*** has ppl in tna that (think) he was vinces rite hand man. Bn up there twice-saw he was go’fer/bitch …. lawlers jokes are on par for what they thought of him. Keep on puttin mayonaise on your pigs feet n porkloins u fat f***. U were so close to makin alot of ppl happy.”

Translation: A really brutal insult to Bruce Prichard, who had recently recovered from a heart attack. Steiner claims people would have been happy if he did not survive.

April 5th

When these assholes got control they tried to takeover everybodys twitter page. If u didnt have twitter they made one up for U… so u people who think your tweeting sting? Its not him. He told me he doesnt watch the show so hes not tweeting about a show he doesnt watch. Everybody refused to sign over twitter so every wk u get an email begging u to twitter what they want. Got one today, Please tweet this; Hogan take over as GM wonder what he will do…WTF really? Even if u r not on show, Please tweet.. so the booking team of pritchard bischoff n hogan wont book U. Tweet about yourself hogan, nobody else wants to tweet about u u f***ing mark.

“Wondering what hogans going to do…hmmmm…hes a fn mark so hes going to make a couple of matches that ppl want to see. Nothing more unprofessional than a heel wanting to be cheered. So ppl cheer him which pissed everybody off, especially sting bcuz he had to wrestle him. Have the future of wrestling garrett do something bcuz eric told him to in booking meeting….what a f***ing joke. Now hes good but hes going to (do) everything like he did when he was bad bcuz he was good first.”

“And that produced the worst ratings ever, so he went bad, which was just as bad as when he was good. Then his bad wasnt any good bcuz his ratings still sucked, so he turnd back to good from bad. Wtf y’all get his b******* ….dont forget to say BROTHER ..bcuz its fresh. Remember deny u had anything to do with the release of the sex tape to try n get more sales. How kardashian of u….Homomania running wild..his s*** writes itself. His ex-wife said he was gay right!!!..hhmmm who brought in Orlando Jordan.”

Translation: He says the company tried to force talent to take to social media and post what they want to further the product. If they didn’t, pages were created anyways with an employee posing as the wrestler. The company asked those with a page to post what they sent, but it didn’t go down well. He said the wrestlers should tweet what they want so they don’t get booked. Then he went on a long “good, bad” thing, insulting the numerous face/heel switches Hogan had since he turned up in TNA.

April 6th

“Bischoff had a ringside meeting at tv tapings and praised flair for being a 2x HOF”er. Guys were like, wtf what a MARK, he does know the HOF is a work right? Guys dont respect Flair they have all gone to espn webpage n read the article on Grantland. They see a drunk who doesnt own a car, a house, and cant pay his electic bill for his appartment. They were saying damn, not only is he an asshole he’s a fn mark. Then on the show he put over the HOF rings twice…hey dumbass the WWE thanks u for putting over there product. What a marketing genius, Why dont u run a streamer during the show and announce their houseshows for this wkend.

Translation: Wrestlers don’t respect Flair as they see what he’s like backstage, which is a drunk who puts over two HOF rings from the rival company.

April 8th

U R a fool Hogan-U n bischoff arrogantly came into Tna n disrespected n s*** on evrybdy bhind closed doors n in the media n u didnt think u were going to piss ppl off. U unprofessional mothrf***’rs attackd AJ,Roode,Angle n Borash n the media, but to attack Angle professionally n personally was b*******. Which i will address later, YOU, bischoff n pritchard book the show, tell me how u lobbying yourself to get me back u lying piece of s***. No (one) believes your b*******, U see money n talent in me really, U also think bitchoffs son is the future of wrestling F*** U. Your an idiot, U intro me to your family n im nice doesnt mean i give a f*** about u N and your bust-out family. Put your daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance. U dont know….u dont know who i am and what im capable of.. your creative control wont help u in real life situations.

Translation: Getting very personal now as Steiner responds to recent comments by Hogan & Bischoff. He defends AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, and Jeremy Borash. He does not believe Prichard or Bischoff ever lobbied to have him back. He never cared for Eric or his family, and suggests he pimps his daughter out as she can’t sing or dance.

April 9th

“The reason they started to f*** with AJ n started to bury him was bcuz hogan n bitchoff wanted him to bleach his hair like Flairs and he didnt, when they startd fortune. Ive wrestled AJ a bunch of times n i respect a guy who wrestles hard every nite, he has bn there from the beginning, i never thought it continue this long. But hogan n bitchoff r assholes.”

Translation: He cites the reason the company started burying AJ in the mid-card was because he didn’t go all-in with the Fortune gimmick. He puts AJ over as a guy who wrestled hard every night from the beginning.

April 10th

“With all the media coverage via U tube, and the 40 billboards of me thruout India covering Ring ka King, isnt it strange that Tna mentiond very little about it? Thats bcuz Pritchard hogan n bitchoff were pissd bcuz it did so well drawing 14 mill viewers n they had nothin to do with it. U couldnt talk about it at the office or tweet about it. THINK ABOUT THAT! We went to India for Tna but Tna did very lil coverage of it. Bcuz these idiots were pissed they had nothing to do with the success of it .. so they tried to bury the ppl who went over there.”

“They tried to bury me, they immediately startd beating morgan, they couldnt bury Magnus bcuz they had sent him home when they first came in, so they startd using him bcuz next trip to India they’ll say he cant go .. Magnus is 25 yrs he can talk, wrestle and he looks great, why would they send him home for about a year. Oh, yeah bcuz Garrett is 28 yrs has had less than 10 matches has great sideburns, cant throw a clothesline. And is the future of wrestling F***!”

“But the guy they r burying the worst is abyss .. f***ing why! They made him take off his mask cut his hair n walk around sayin he is abyss’s brother. Which makes everybody look stupid, like we dont know what abyss looks like, what he never took off his mask. Why… abyss has bn there from the begining n is a nice guy…but they just f*** with everybody bcuz they r assholes. As soon as these assholes took over they built up a barrier where u could no longer talk to dixie u had to talk Bruce. We all thought pritchard is a prick n didnt want to talk to him, but those who tried to contact dixie either got ignored or reprimended. Not sure how pritchard hogan n bitchoff convinced dixie to turn her back on the ppl who built up Tna. And listen to the 3 jackoffs that are sinking Tna. .wrestling has always bn about ratings ratings ratings.”

“Ratings are like a scoreboard, there isnt one coach that looks at the scoreboard at the end of the game and wonders who won..and since these guys came to tna the ratings suckd and still do !!!!!! So was is it so hard to figure out who is the problem? Since they came in ratings are down but costs are up, so to cuts cost in other areas to pay for these worthless ratings killers. They cut the money for catering and we startd using paper plates n plastic, f***ing crazy!!!! Pritchard hogan n bitchoffs tactics were to make everybody job scared by fn with everybody and turnd tna into a zoo, a circus. And just like every good circus u have clowns n midgets ……..”

Translation: A long tirade on this day. He says Prichard and Bischoff were jealous of the work done in India for Ring Ka King, so they buried those associated with it. He said they couldn’t bury Magnus as they’d sent him home despite being young and talented. He’s not a fan of the Joseph Park gimmick at all. He says Prichard and Bischoff put up a barrier so the roster had to talk to them instead of going straight to Dixie. He says ratings declined, and costs went up so much it affected catering. He said Prichard, Hogan and Bischoff had turned TNA into a zoo, a circus.

April 11th

“When i look at hogan i see the same thing as the nielson ratings system does …….low f***n ratings. Hogan also attackd Bobby Roode on the radio b4 he was going to wrestle Kurt Angle. In Philli on ppv sayn Roode wasnt ready, Ive wrestled Bobby a bunch of times n he wrestles hard every nite n he can go. He can talk, wrestle and looks good, and hes proving that hogan doesnt know s*** (except that garrett is the future)..WTF. At the ppv he was pissd n went up to Pritchard and told him he was going on the radio and calling hogan out. And Pritchard beggd him not to, so i see him n he tells me what happend, I told him thats whats hogan does. In WCW hogan put his thumb on evrybody, deciding who wins in every match bcuz he has creative control in his contract. Hogan shows up and changes the outcome of his match, Bobby was going to kill him but he kept his cool.”

“Every tv, every ppv the place is a zoo, a circus bcuz these assholes change things every hour, the storylines are stupid and dont make sense. And when u ask questions they cant give u a reason why they want u to do something that doesnt make sense. And since hogan bitchoff n pritchard brought the chaos, the circus, to Tna, they also brought their own clown/midget. Which is Jason Hervey, (yep that one) the insignicant bro in wonder years this 5’5″ midget walks around. All day n night with a baseball hat n aviator glasses like hes Steven Spielberg… f*** im looking for ashston (kutcher) like were getting punk,d. Fn crazy, why is he there hes business partners with bitchoff just like hogan n bitchoff are business partners.”

“Now do u know why Tna is the titanic and is sinking fast…..? Need to save TNA. They are doin the same stupid b******* that they did in WCW.. except now instead of pushing Flairs son David. To the point where he beat Chris Benoit, he is now pushing his own son, where is David Flair today? Ive seen all this s*** b4, remember he made David Arquette champion, F***!! Ted Turner ownd WCW and they ran it into the ground. And he was a multi multi BILLIONAIRE. We were all in the back sayin WTF are we in the twilight zone …. fn crazy”

Translation: He tells a story about how Hogan buried Roode before a match with Angle, saying he wasn’t quite ready for the big time. Roode found out about it and planned to call him out, but Prichard stopped it. Steiner said Hogan’s done it before, as he could say who would win matches in WCW. Hogan changed the outcome, but Bobby kept his cool. He says creative would change every hour and nothing made sense, and no one could explain how it made sense. He blasted Eric’s friend Jason Hervey. He pleaded to the TNA fans to save it, and that the idiots in charge are doing the same thing as what happened in WCW. Roode got his own back on Hogan later, when he was TNA World Champion.

April 12th

“That same wkend he was suppose to go on ESPN and promote the ppv, so he is on the show, and the host ask him whats his most embarassing moment in the ring.. remember hes there to promote the ppv. He says wrestling Andre and he s***s himself…the host asks him a couple more questions. Which i dont remember bcuz im on the floor belly laughing.. then the host thanks him for bn on the show. And he says “Be COOL EAT FRUIT… thats right BE COOL EAT FRUIT…WTF way to promote the ppv DUMBASS.”

“Getting alot of support from evrybody bcuz im sayin what they wish they could. Even guys from back in WCW who hogan kept his thumb on and Eric was an asshole to. Tonite is a good nite for you fans to help save TNA, so all u fans of AJ Roode Angle Abyss Sting Morgan Magnus Kazarian. Everybody who was a fan of Tna b4 bitchoff hogan n Pritchard f***d Tna up,tonite during the show, If u see hogan bitchoff or his son turn the channel.. wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss amything, except their b*******.. and it will give u fans a voice thru the nielson ratings, Lets show these assholes that we dont want their b******* and its time to save TNA from the same fate as WCW”

April 13th

“Ever since england they have made someone come out with garrett to make sure he wasnt booed. First they made jeff hardy do it then last nite it was AJ Rvd Anderson that bcuz over in England when hogan n garrett were in the ring and he said garrett was the future of wrestling, Hogan n garrett got booed so bad they had to do multiple takes bcuz the booing was so bad!!! But they fixed it in post-production to look like they were cheering when it aired but it still drew a bad rating. Listen dumbasses just bcuz u fixed it in post it still fn happen snap out of yur fantasy world n realize nobody gives a f*** about a guy who cant talk, wrestle, and is the son of an asshole. Bitchoff n hogan have no respect for the business or the ppl in Tna to do this b*******.”

“Check out the graphic for the ppv, it has eric n garrett in fore front n everybody else that ppl care about in the background, thats b******* but they put everybody else in the match bcuz they know if they just put eric n garrett in a match ppl will s*** all over it.. U want to drive bitchoff crazy, bring signs to ppv saying 609 or chant 609 when he is in the ring. FYI make signs at building bcuz they take all signs that they dont like. Feel bad for the guys who have to put up with this b******* , Garrett hasnt earnd the right to be on TV,, 10 matches F***. Flyin to toronto remember 609- 609- 609 save TNA”

Translation: Garret got such bad reactions the company started pairing him with faces like Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Mr. Anderson. TNA had to severely edit a segment with Hogan and Garret, as the British fans booed the hell out of them after Hogan claimed Garret was the future of wrestling. He didn’t appreciate Garett and Eric taking the spotlight on the PPV poster. He first references 609, which is to do with a lawsuit which Steiner explains later.

April 14th

“Wtf hogan in the fantasy world u live in u need to get hookd on phonics so u can read, U stupid mother****er, my tweets havent bn about what i believe, but about what u have done. Now u have a crystal ball in yur fantasy world and u can see my future, look at yur own future. You better hope im not in it, and hopefully karma keeps visiting you in your future. I feel bad for everyone close to u also especially your wife, a lil advice in the “future”. Dont say beetlejuice 3x in front of her:……. She has a small head…. Anytime Hogan !!!

Is anybody surprisd Hogan n bitchoff were all over the show n the ratings suckd again?

Translation: Hogan is unable to read. He says Hogan better look in to his crystal ball and hope he’s not in his future, followed by an insult about his wife, and how bad the ratings were for the show which aired the same day.


These tweets were very revealing to wrestling fans. Steiner could’ve been lying or exaggerating, but Hogan and Bischoff never denied anything in replies. I’ve decided not to add their replies yet, as I’ll do that in a later piece when I have everything together.

What do you think? Is he spot on? Or do you think he was bitter for being fired? It shows what he thought of former management now he’s back in Impact Wrestling as a tag team champion. The management must be pretty good! And they won’t risk more rants from the Big Bad Booty Daddy. And the crazy thing is? We’ve only scratched the surface of Steiner’s Twitter wars. They reveal a lot about what it was like to work in the company at the time, and if you choose to believe it or not is up to you. I don’t appreciate it when he starts threatening lives, but I do respect the passion he shows for the company, the talented roster, and all the fans who supported them.

I’m back to writing regularly, so you’ll find out soon. I’ve got three series I’ll be working on in the next couple of months: Steiner’s Rants, Royal Rumble series, and Vintage VHS tape reviews. Nice to know I got plenty to share, and I hope you join me in future. Thanks for reading! See you again for the rest of the April tweets.

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