Triple H Needs A Win A Wrestlemania 31 More Than Sting.


For the first time in history at Wrestlemania 31, the Icon Sting steps foot inside a WWE ring. His opponent? none other than the companies COO Triple H. Before his arrival at WWE many dreamed that Sting would return for one more match against the Undertaker. However, when he debuted back at Survivor Series to cost the Authority the match, it seemed a different match would be on the cards.
Having Sting take on Triple H instead of the dead-man was probably the right move as well. Whilst we may never see the dream match between the two now, the build to the match would have been below average at best. Both superstars are working part-time schedules and the buzz surrounding the match wouldn’t have been high. Undertaker is yet to show his face so far in his feud with Wyatt who has had to keep fans interested in his match on his own. With Sting only showing up every 3 weeks maximum, neither of these men would be able to build the buzz needed for a match between the two.
Triple H is definitely the next best option. There is a story behind the two and at least one of the two legends are around every week to build this match. The build has been quite fun to follow as well. Watching the story go from WWE vs WCW to bat vs sledgehammer has been quite interesting. Whilst many are expecting the Vigilante Sting to pick up the win, personally, I believe that Triple H should pick up the victory in this one.
In his last 5 Wrestlemanias, Hunter has a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. Whilst he beat Sheamus and Lesnar and Wrestlemania 26 and 29 respectively, losses to Undertaker and consecutive events, and last years defeat to Bryan puts him with more losses than wins. Overall, having taken part in 18 total Wrestlemania, the Cerebral Assassin has only managed to taste victory in 8 of those, losing the remaining 10 and setting the record for most losses at Wrestlemania.
This is just one reason he needs to go over Sting tonight. Whilst many believe that a lost in his first match in WWE would stain the Stingers history, I think a loss for Triple H will hurt him more. Being 55, you have to believe that Sting doesn’t have many more matches left in him. Although HHH is only 10 years younger, he is around more often than Sting and a loss would hurt his legitimacy as the biggest bad guy around. Had HHH been coming up against a younger star, like Bryan last year, then a loss would be more logical. But having one of the comings greats lose to an older competitor of his debut doesn’t make as much sense.
On the other hand, some may argue that there wouldn’t be much sense in signing Sting to have him lose what might be his only match within WWE. However, if Sting loses, he can leave for a while and then come back when he is ready, and if he has another match left in him he can return around the time. Whilst with Hunter, if he loses this one and stays of TV for a while, it leaves the Authority with just Stephanie to take orders from. Maybe a Triple H win with some help from the outside might be the best way to go to help damaging both superstars, or vice versa.
Whichever way this one goes I’m sure it will be a decent match and something fresh for the fans who have never seen Sting fight before. A win for either of the two is logical, but for me, a Triple H win is more needed.

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