Tyler Breeze On Training With Lance Storm & His Goals In WWE


NXT’s Tyler Breeze recently appeared on AfterBuzz.TV on Wednesday night and spoke about training with lance Storm as well as his goals in WWE. Check out the highlights down below:

On training with Lance Storm: “I couldn’t ask for better training. In three month’s he prepared me for everything I was going to encounter. I trained with him in 2007, so he was fresh off of WWE. He had connections still and he went out of his way to talk to everybody about money, about working with agents, that etiquette was very important. I still look to him for advice on a lot of different things.”


On his goals in WWE: “My goal was always WWE. When I was a kid, at 6-years-old, and that was what my dad showed me was WWE. I didn’t even know that any other wrestling existed. I didn’t know that WCW existed, I didn’t know that Japan existed. I just assumed that WWE was everywhere and that was the goal. As I went through school, everything was geared towards WWE. Once I went and trained with Lance Storm… he had this extensive collection of Japanese stuff and I started learning there’s so much more than WWE. But still my personal goal was to go to WWE.”

You can listen to the entire interview down below:

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