Tyler Breeze Talks About His Main Roster Debut, And If He Would Want To Return To NXT


Tyler Breeze recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his main roster debut, being concerned about WWE’s plan for him on the main roster, and if he would rather be in NXT or on the main roster. Here are the highlights.

On his main roster debut:

It was pretty cool. It was definitely a milestone for me. I’ve hit a lot of milestones, going from FCW to NXT, having that little taste of Raw and SmackDown doing those dark matches, all the NXT TakeOvers. I’ve been able to do a lot along the way. I think that at this point, one of the good things about NXT is that it prepares you for moments like this. We’ve had that match on Raw before, so it’s not the first time you’ve been there. You’re totally prepared for this. You get some slight jitters, but you’ll always have that. You’re just ready.


On being concerned about WWE’s plan for him on the main roster:

No, not really. Given the time that I had been Tyler Breeze, and the reactions I had been getting, I really wasn’t too concerned. Now, there are so many great minds here, and if someone tosses an idea to me and we want to add it in, then I can make it work. But if there’s one thing about the character that I know, it’s that I have confidence in it. I can do something that other people can’t; anything that they want me to try, I can go out there and make it work. I’m really not too concerned with any changes that may be made. It will always come out entertaining as far as I’m concerned.

On if he would rather be in NXT or on the main roster:

I’m always excited for every step along the way. My time in NXT was definitely fun though. If anything ever pops up and they want me back there, like for this U.K. tour coming up, I’m always on board to do anything with NXT, just because I’ve had so much fun with it. I’ve been almost like a pillar of NXT in terms of being there the whole time and now I’m moving on. It would be a cool thing if they brought me back for a few shows here and there, and I’d definitely be up for it.

You can read the entire interview here.

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