​Tyrus Discusses Working With TNA Wrestling, Praises Cesaro, Big E. & Others, Comedy vs. Monster Acts


Tyrus recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, here are the highlights…

The transition to TNA and being a “big man”: I was focused on reestablishing my work. Especially during the end of my time in the WWE and I feel like I wasn’t able to do that. For me it was important to get back to what I think is important and that is building your work. I spent so much time under Double A and Dean Malenko. I’ve never wanted to be labeled as a “big guy”. I feel like the term big guy is a crutch and gives you an excuse to be lazy in the ring. I don’t work like that. Since being in TNA I don’t do that. There is nothing worse then seeing a guy getting hit in the face with a dropkick and not taking a bump. TNA is allowing me to work like that. I like the slow build. I am reestablishing myself and building a new persona. I’m not piggy-backing off my time in the WWE, although I really enjoyed my time in the WWE. I like the ability to build something new.

Being booked as a monster vs. a comedy act: My frustration was why can’t you do both. You can have an Apollo Creed entrance but when the bell rings why can’t you be Clubber Lang in the ring. My goal was to bring the two things together. You need time in the ring for that and people to give you the ability to do what you do. I don’t like the body-gurard role. I don’t need anyone in front of me. I never have. As the Funkasaurus I established that. The situation with EC3 is different. My presence is adding to EC3 and elevating the whole story and is more of a game changer. When you are not booked to the level of your potential it is frustrating.

Wrestlers not being given the platform to excel and break through: You see it happen all the time in the WWE. Guys who should no doubt be on the top of the card and be main eventers. Guys like Cesaro. There is no reason why he shouldn’t be on his second World Title run, guys like Jack Swagger, Big E the list goes on and on of guys that are there right now that could change the game. The Triple H factory as I call it seems to be the running the show and the ratings result in it. Hopefully someone is able to change that and break through. The last guy to break through was Daniel Bryan and he was able to be bigger then the machine. If this was 20 years ago the fans would have crazy choices of people to choose from. There were so many stars. I feel like that has been taken away from the fans.

Having choices to work outside WWE: There are so many Independent promotions that are growing. The International scene is growing. TNA is kicking again, Global (GFW) is coming up, Lucha, Big Time Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Syndicate it seems like the territories are kind of coming back again. I was in Oklahoma and we were wrestling infront of 2500 people. People have a choice and it is different. Maybe 5 years ago there wasn’t many choices but now things are kind of changing and its exciting to be a wrestling fan. I’m having the time of my life. I love what I am doing. I am my own boss, I am traveling all over this continent and I am busy as hell doing what I want to do. To me, Indy kind of represents not the machine. The majority of the wrestling world is aware that there is something else out there an there are stars out there. My popularity continues to grow outside of WWE and I really don’t look back.

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