Undertaker for Wrestlemania 31


Ok first of all, we all been hearing that Undertaker MIGHT compete at Wrestlemania 31 against Bray Wyatt, and all the fans are pissed because they wanted Sting against Undertaker. But of all honesty I personally do not think it’s a very good idea that Undertaker shouldn’t be at Wrestlemania, because he has nothing else to prove. He has proven that he is better than anybody in that business and he has a PHENOMENAL streak of 21-1 I know it sucks he lost last Wrestlemania but it’s still a pretty good fucking streak, don’t get me wrong I love Mark Calaway to death but it’s time he hangs up the boots he has nothing else to prove and if he does get into the squared circle at Wrestlemania 31 I’m afraid it’ll be the very last time e see him alive. he’s too out of shape he’s given EVERYTHING for the WWE.

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