Update – ​Roman Reigns Wins The WWE World Heavyweight Title On Monday’s RAW


After being screwed once again at the WWE TLC pay-per-view on Sunday night, Roman Reigns received one final chance to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Monday night.

Thankfully, that’s all it took, or he’d be out of a job right now.

Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus on Monday night’s post-TLC edition of RAW in a match made by Vince McMahon that included a stipulation that would see Reigns “fired” from WWE if he lost.

McMahon made his return on RAW, interrupting a live match between R-Truth and Bo Dallas and simply telling them to get out of his ring. He then proceeded to address the Reigns attack of his son-in-law, Triple H, at TLC.

It was at this point that fans got to see some vintage “Mr. McMahon,” and it eventually led to Reigns coming to the ring and the two having a bit of an old Austin-McMahon type of RAW segment. Eventually, Reigns punked McMahon with old age jokes until he agreed to give him a title shot tonight.

Below is a GIF image of the spear that won Reigns the match over Sheamus to become the champ.

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