Updated List of WWE, AEW & Impact Wrestlers Staying at Home


Good day everyone. One thing which has surprised me about the latest news during the coronavirus pandemic, is that aside from Roman Reigns, we haven’t seen much information on the status of other wrestlers. We are aware of WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling continuing to air shows, while the majority of other wrestling promotions and live sports have been forced (or voluntarily) to cease operation. The companies have insisted that any talents who feel uncomfortable coming to work are not encouraged to do so.

This list is an attempt to feature wrestlers who are doing the right thing by staying at home. They are doing their part of hindering the spread of the virus to the most vulnerable. I must stress that this cannot be considered a news report, as it’s observational and I do not claim to have any hard evidence. However, I will highlight any mentions from the companies and/or talent wherever possible. In some cases, it could be a simple case of a talent being injured, and not because they chose to stay at home. Included injured wrestlers because some may be unaware. I may update this further in the coming weeks if necessary. Before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Roman Reigns

He was originally scheduled to face Goldberg at WrestleMania for the Universal title, but the man himself decided it was too risky. This week, he revealed that the decision was more about protecting his newborn twins than his own health, seeing as his immune system is pretty strong anyways. In my opinion, the reports of WWE editing him out of their programming have been greatly exaggerated. This is common practice for any superstar who has to take considerable time away from the product after having a long run on TV. Say, for example, WWE had promised The Rock in a month’s time but plans changed and he couldn’t make it. Would they keep showing him, or continue mentioning him on TV? Not really, it wouldn’t make sense.

WWE’s way of dealing with the “burial” of absent superstars has always been this brutal, but because it’s Roman Reigns… the fans and media have picked up on it more than usual. Perhaps WWE did go slightly overboard editing him out of some footage, but you can’t blame them for wanting to send out a clear message of “don’t expect to see Roman Reigns any time soon.” — This is their way of telling us without mentioning him directly, which if they did… would send the opposite message to his loyal, hopeful fans.

Monday Night Raw

At the moment, it seems the majority of the Raw roster are being used in some form. The only questionable talents are the following:

  • The IIconics We know the former tag team champions Billie Kay & Peyton Royce were pulled from TV months ago. Since then, there has been one report of them returning, although no time frame was given. At the end of April, we shared a report of Billie Kay starting up a new Instagram series. In her first video, she can be seen playing the first-person shooter Halo from home: Billie Kay plays Halo
  • Riddick Moss — The former 24/7 Champion has not been seen he was jumped in the street by R-Truth for the title. There’s a report of WWE wanting to “repackage” him… but it’s not like he was ever packaged to begin with: Backstage News on Riddick Moss’ Status With WWE
  • Authors Of Pain Don’t expect to see the AOP for a while, as Rezar has a torn bicep injury which will bench Seth Rollins’ bodyguards for at least 6-8 months.

Friday Night SmackDown

  • Robert Roode — He is one of a few who is confirmed to be at home due to “travel complications”. In other words, he’s staying at home with the family in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

  • Bo Dallas — The lone ‘B Team’ member has not been seen on TV since he teamed with his now released partner Curtis Axel at Crown Jewel in October. It’s safe to assume he’s sitting at home, partly because he’s doing his part, but probably more so because WWE doesn’t want to use airtime to feature him.
  • Kalisto The third member of the Lucha House Party is currently sidelined with a seperated shoulder injury. He’s been doing vlogs from his home with his wife Abigail Rodriguez: Lucha Family YouTube
  • Mojo Rawley — Although he was seen at WrestleMania with Rob Gronkowski, the 24/7 Champion has been absent ever since. Oddly enough, he made a brief cameo in his ring gear from the comfort of his shower on The Bump.
  • Lars Sullivan The controversial superstar remains on the sidelines rehabbing a serious knee injury sustained in June 2019.
  • Mustafa Ali — There have been no reports of him working matches since February. However, he is by the favorite to be revealed as the mystery hacker. The circle of lights shown in video packages, resemble the same on his wrestling attire. Whether he is choosing to work from home or not, is currently unknown.
  • Shorty G — The man formerly known as Chad Gable has not been seen since February after losing to Sheamus in a handicap match (w/ Apollo Crews). The last we heard from him in the news, he was giving training advice to Daniel Bryan; who teased a possible future stable with himself, Drew Gulak and Shorty G. On his Twitter, Gable shared his love for Otis after he visited his buddy for a training session.

  • Xavier Woods/Ember Moon — It is common knowledge that both are out with torn Achilles injuries. Woods recently appeared on WWE TV to congratulate his friends on winning the SmackDown tag team titles.


  • Kyle O’Reilly — While the Undisputed Era has continued working on USA Network’s NXT, O’Reilly has been an exception. And the reason, while not confirmed, is likely because he has type 1 diabetes. People with this condition are more susceptible to the virus than others. He has been a cheerleader for his buddies on Twitter, while also sharing thoughts on movies like 1917.

  • Bronson Reed The big man from Australia has gone home and is regularly sharing his lockdown workouts on Twitter. He wants matches with Keith Lee and Kevin Owens at some point. Sounds fun!
  • Pete Dunne, Zack Gibson & James Drake — One half of the NXT Tag Team Champions ‘The Broserweights’, and the Grizzled Young Veterans, have gone home to England to spend time with their families during lockdown. As an Englishmen myself, I can attest to the fact that so many are not going to work, and it’s great to know these guys are supporting their loved ones through this. Timothy Thatcher is filling in for Pete Dunne as Matt Riddle’s temporary partner… bro.

  • Jordan Devlin — The Cruiserweight Champion updated us with his status on TV, stating that due to travel restrictions he is stuck in his home country of Ireland. NXT are currently holding a tournament to crown an interim champion. He’s not happy about that.
  • Mercedes Martinez — After finally getting her WWE contract and making her debut, the veteran has decided to self isolate. She is giving support to anyone who is suffering mentally.

  • Jessaymn Duke, Marina Shafir & Vanessa Borne These girls were pulled from TV long before the lockdown, and it’s hard to imagine them returning soon.
  • Most Of NXT UK — The entire roster is self isolating because the UK lockdown permits no wrestling events whatsoever. The only exceptions include Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner of Imperium, as they are working on the NXT brand.


There are several AEW wrestlers we have not seen for a while. A few are not easy to pin down on whether they’re isolating or not.

  • Hangman Page — “Eating pork rinds and having an existential crisis in which i realize my life’s work is not ‘essential’ and will fade into nothingness like some asshole’s puff of vape smoke in the second floor c wing bathroom. anyway, have a great thursday.” In other words, Page doesn’t believe in wrestling during a virus outbreak and the notion of it being “essential” is one big joke.
  • Angelico & Jack Evans — The team were being used primarily on AEW Dark, but has since disappeared. Evans is tweeting a lot and giving the impression he is finding things to do at home.
  • The Bunny, Butcher & Blade — Allie mentioned something on Twitter about reluctantly getting Animal Crossing, which means she’s at home with her husband The Blade (aka Braxton Sutter). Still appears to be doing stuff with her friend Rosemary from Impact Wrestling.
  • CIMA & Others — Long before the lockdowns began, we hadn’t seen much of CIMA or his Chinese students. It’s safe to say they returned home before anyone in the United States thought about isolating.
  • Evil Uno & Stu Grayson — While the original leaders of the Dark Order heavily plugged the debut of the “Exalted One”, neither have worked a match since early March. Since Brodie Lee’s debut, he has instead been making use of numbered goons to do his bidding. Evil Uno has been live streaming games like Streets Of Rage 4 from his Twitch channel. He also tweets daily with the message: “It’s [insert day], Mr. Brodie Lee. You know what that means.”
  • Jungle Boy & Luchsaurus — Many will have noticed only Marko Stunt is present of the Jurassic Express. That’s because Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus were staying at home in isolation, but are returning on this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

  • Pac, Pentagon Jr & Fenix Pac has been silent on Twitter since announcing the arrival of the Death Triangle back in March, so it’s likely he did what other English wrestlers have done in returning home to Newcastle. Pentagon Jr has worked matches for AAA, while Fenix is scheduled to return on this week’s AEW Dark; which will be the first match he’s had in a couple of months.
  • The Young Bucks, Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels & Peter Avalon While they have all been gone from Dynamite since March, they have since wrestled at the Young Bucks’ BTE compound on episodes of the YouTube series ‘Being The Elite’.
  • Riho, Emi Sakura, Bea Priestley, Leva Bates & Shanna — While it’s not so easy to understand Riho’s Twitter, as it’s mainly in Japanese, the impression from her emojis suggest she is sad being isolated at home. I’m sure she will return to challenge for the AEW Women’s title soon. The rest have not wrestled since March. Emi Sakura’s been gone longer than that, it was in fact December the last time she was on Dynamite. Sakura is regularly plugging the Choco Pro promotion; which is an extremely small Japanese show which sees wrestlers working without a ring

Impact Wrestling

  • Tessa Blanchard — The Impact Wrestling World Champion was scheduled to defend her title at Rebellion against Michael Elgin & Eddie Edwards, but the match was dropped as she’s chosen to stay home.

  • Eddie Edwards — Much like Tessa, he also pulled out of the title match at Rebellion. He’s doing it for his family.

  • Daga — As he’s Tessa Blanchard’s boyfriend, it’s safe to assume he is isolating with her.
  • Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes Of course, what would the world be like if we didn’t have the whole f’n show lighting one up while making light of it all.

  • Gama Singh & Mahabali Shera — Rohit Raju will be featured in the upcoming #1 contenders tournament for the Impact World Championship. Gama Singh & Shera however, have been missing from TV for a while. There’s no confirmation on what they are doing, but it’s safe to assume they remain at home.
  • Don Callis — One of the more noticeable changes in Impact lately has been the absence of Don Callis. While he hasn’t said much on Twitter, it’s clear he hasn’t done any commentary work. It has been reported that Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne are providing commentary for episodes of Impact from the comfort of their own home.

And that’s all I can gather for now. Apologies for not including other promotions, but I do not actively follow them enough to make any observations. If any updates are needed, please let me know and I shall correct them. Stay safe, enjoy wrestling, and thank you for reading.

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