Victor Pérez wins smallest penis in the world championship, and $100,000.


Due to 2 new projects in the works for me I will not have anytime in the near future for wrestling talk. For those of you that are not bitter little trolls filled with hate, I thank you for your kind messages and wish for you the best. As for you little baby genital having ass motherfuckers, your life’s must be filled with much sadness. Death threats directed to my children. Insults of my dearly departed mother, and the Nazi political correctness of the underdeveloped minds that are a sure sign of a true poop head. I have a bit of advice for you.

When talking to a women, do not tell her she wrong for the things that women like. Women hate that.

When talking to a women, do not tell her about the great work rate of your favorite wrestler, women don’t care about that. When you makes threats against a mans family, realize that the police take those threats very serious.

As for Gregory Phillip and Victor Pérez I could walk into Sudan whore house, go into the bathroom and find coat hanger babies with more value then the two of you.

Finally the worst thing today about wrestling is that a lot of wrestling fans over think a product that is there to only entertain it’s fans for a couple of hours each week. Nothing more.

If John Cena was soooooooo bad, why does he sell more shirts, then Gregory Phillip has killed seamen in tube socks?

If TNA is such a great company, how come Victor Pérez has is able to find more man on warthog porn sites then TNA has sold PPV’S.  

In closing I wish you all the best. Well most of you.    


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