Video Footage Released From The Shooting At The WWE Performance Center In August


Two videos have been released by Ch. 6 News and the Orlando Sentinel of the 29-year-old Armando Montalvo being shot by police at the WWE Performance Center back in August.

In the video, Montavlo shows up and demands that WWE trains him to be a wrestler. After they would not let him, he became angry and started pounding on the glass door. Police showed up, and he took off his jacket then picked up rocks and charged at one officer. That officer shot him in the chest. He then underwent successful surgery to remove the bullet.

Montalvo was charged with aggravated assault toward police. He was released from jail on bond and is scheduled for trial in February.

Montalvo’s father told News 6 in Orlando that his son suffers from bipolar disorder and is a manic depressive.

You can watch the videos here:

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