​Virgil Discusses His “F*ck Money” Phrase, Says He’s The “Black Steve Jobs”, & More – Audio


Virgil spoke with the Podnasty Podcast for a new, fairly hilarious interview. By “spoke with,” I mean he emailed them his answer to their questions and they were read on the air. Check out the video below and some highlights:

On his phrase “F**k Money”: “F**k money is that money that you f**k with. Money you wipe your ass with. I want to sleep with every Asian in the world and have their father tuck me into bed for fun. that is f**k money. I live for f**k money. one life to live and one life to f**k.”

On his social media activities: “I am the greatest black man on the planet. I am the black Steve Jobs. They now know I ain’t one to play with. I ain’t lonely. I am the hottest ticket out there. I am ready to get my s**t moving and grooving to get my dream of f**k money to be real.”

On whether Twitter has helped him with bookings: “I should be headlining WrestleMania. I am the the manager of champions. I am ready to rock and roll, son.”

On his favorite WWE Diva: “Sasha Banks…mmm mmmm mmm. Buy my T-shirt.”

On if he could contribute to the current WWE product: “Always. I have been on top for eight years-plus now. You can’t take that away from me. I am always ready to get paid to help.”

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