Was Lance Storm “Just Being Serious For A Minute”?, Nicole Bass Eviction Update, & More


— Nicole Bass, who worked for WWE during the Attitude Era, has a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign going to help her avoid eviction. So far she has raised $734 out of the $5,000 she needs over the past four days.

Bass wrote on the campaign page, “I don’t want to end up homeless and I’m being evicted. I’m not just looking for handouts so if anybody wants to hire me for an appearance I am available. I would appreciate anybody that could help me so that I can move. Right now I’m really scared.”

— A fan recently asked Lance Storm how he felt about training some of the best talent in the world. Storm decided to take a friendly stab at Tyler Breeze. At least, it appears to be a joke. Maybe Storm was being serious for a minute.

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