Was Ryback A Flop in 2013?


Ryback was the next big thing or according to every arena that WWE travels to “Goldberg” when they chant that. Ryback has the look that WWE is looking for and almost the mold they want everyone to look like.

How can you be pushed some much and for such a lengthy time without anything to show it. Yes he had a mini push late in 2012 but let’s look at 2013. He was in the final two with John Cena at Royal Rumble, he lost his match against Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29 then goes on to have a massive heel turn and push against John Cena. They give him every opportunity to be a major star and he can’t handle it. He main evented two straight PPV, he has not worked on either in ring or promos.

After all that he has been involved with, how can you not make some progress with any of it. You had young and veteran talents put him over but nothing to show for. The company once was behind the next Bill Goldberg and makes no mistake that is the look they want. I mean come on, he uses Goldberg’s move sets and he has two finishers. The “Meat Hook” followed by the “Shell Shock” which is impressive but it seems once again, WWE goes with repacked than originality.

It worked for at first but one he debut and got to tougher completion they showed his flaws. Ryback will stay around for a while but I don’t see him being put into the main event picture for some time after his 2013 year.

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