Wasted Wrestlers: Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Heath Slater


Nowadays in the WWE it seems you have to have a certain look/appeal to get to the top, meaning that many very talented superstars are being overlooked despite their wrestling ability and/or mic skills etc. I’m going to talk about three wrestlers who in my opinion are currently being wasted in the situation they are in.

1. Dolph Ziggler

Perhaps an obvious choice, but Dolph Ziggler is clearly being overlooked and wasted in the WWE and has been ever since suffering concussion during his World Championship reign. He is such a talented wrestler who sells like no other in the company right now and has definitely reinvented himself as a fan-favourite. He receives some of the loudest pops in WWE today yet is being pit against the likes of Fandango and Alberto Del Rio, superstars which the fans find dull and boring, thus making the matches irrelevant and pointless. When Dolph Ziggler was Mr Money in the Bank an was united with AJ Lee and Big E, he was a fantastic heel who can cut a good promo and has proved he can be a strong face too, making him versatile, and has put on some amazing matches with a variety of other styles, from Sheamus to Cody Rhodes to Mark Henry to Edge. Perhaps one day soon Triple H and management will realise that the popularity and talent of Dolph will push up ratings, although in my personal opinion until the WWE and World titles are split once again then he won’t get his time to shine.

2. Cody Rhodes

At first I thought the new ‘Stardust’ gimmick was pretty cool and different, and seeing him reinvent himself had worked quite well. Now, however, I constantly get annoyed at the lack of matches he is participating in and the increase in promos which even though I enjoy, they are starting to get stale. Cody Rhodes began as a tag team partner for Hardcore Holly and immediately became popular, before being aligned with one of the biggest stars in Randy Orton. He was clearly a talented wrestler and has proved he can speak well on the mic, yet has never been given a WWE or World title. Many mid-card wrestlers have transitioned to the big one, yet for some strange reason Cody has not, aside from some Intercontinental, US and Tag titles, which have been highly irrelevant as of late. I really hope this Stardust gimmick is dropped in order to set up a match between the Rhodes Brothers at Wrestlemania, giving Goldust the send off he deserves, but more importantly, giving Cody the major push which will hopefully elevate his career to the big time.

3. Heath Slater

Perhaps the strangest and most obscure pick of the three to explain why they are wasted, but in my opinion Heath Slater should be pushed. Don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t be a World Champion, but Slater has proved that he can wrestle at a high standard, he can cut good, consistent promos, he can reinvent himself, and his major asset, he is absolutely hilarious. His stand-out moment was being buried by legends week-in week-out, however for me that made him one of my favourite superstars, and I was so excited to see what he would do next. He became so popular and then formed 3MB, which plummeted his career, which disappointed me quite alot. Now, however, that the other members of the group have been released, Heath can really show what he’s made of, and after a strong showing in last night’s Battleground PPV, eliminating Cesaro, perhaps he can elevate his career to mid-card, and battle for the US or Intercontinental Championship, which I believe not only he can hold his own against, but deserves to, or at least let the comedy sketches return.

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