Ways to Use Hulk Hogan


Is it just me or has Hulk Hogan’s return been disappointing? I’m glad he was able to patch things up with management and return to the promotion after a lengthy period away, but is he being misused? So far we’ve only seen him a couple of times. He’s plugged the WWE Network on both Raw and Smackdown, hosted Wrestlemania, and presented Cesaro with his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy; among other times. Is that enough though? He was away from WWE for around 7 years on the “rival” promotion. In my opinion, he’s kind of the reason TNA is still on today. I’d like to pitch a few ideas with what they should with him.

General Manager of Raw

The General Manager position of both brands isn’t a paradise location for anyone anymore. With the rise of The Authority they really don’t need GMs. When was the last time a prominent person was GM of Raw? AJ Lee? Big Johnny? Eric Bischoff? And don’t even get me started on Smackdown’s GMs. However, Hulk Hogan could bring star power back to general managing. That way he’d still be on screen every week. I know Maddox isn’t, but Hogan’s too big not to show on TV every week. The only problem would be fighting for power with The Authority. Which leads me to…

Fight The Authority

I don’t mean actually fight Triple H, no way Hogan’s passing a physical, but leading a group of superstars against them would work. We kind of saw a revolt against The Authority last summer, but it ended up with Triple H burying talent, but Daniel Bryan got hot because of it so that’s a plus. Obviously with Batista leaving after Payback to promote his movie that leaves Triple H with no option but to go back to wearing suits and worrying about business. Unless Evolution adds another member, but I don’t see that happening. Even if it is just Hogan leading The Shield against The Authority or Evolution it would still be good. That would set up Reigns vs. Hunter at Summerslam with Hogan potentially being in Reigns corner.

John Cena’s Manager

This one seems less likely, but it’s fun to be creative. If you haven’t been in a cave for the past decade you know Cena isn’t taken with the fans. Why not pair him up with someone the fans would never boo? Sure, it wouldn’t bring all of Cena’s heat off of him, but it would lighten up the load. Also, with Cena seemingly getting destroyed by The Wyatt’s each week, Hogan can Hulk Cena back up to fend off the unstoppable Bray Wyatt (Although I want Bray to stand tall when the feud is said and done).

Hogan should be used more than to just promote the Network or for a ratings pop. With him saying this run will be his last I think they should cram him down our throats. He may get stale, but you also may never see him again after this.

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