We Should Be Grateful For AJ Lee


WWE fans do not pay attention to the women’s division. With what you’re given on weekly bases how could you blame them.

Even though we’re given a bunch of crap from the Divas, there is one specialty about that division. Her name is AJ Lee.

The days of having girls like Trish Stratus, Lita and others who paved the way for the girls in the locker room today are gone and will not be back on a full time bases.

Reality check AJ Lee is the best diva to come out of the Divas division in the last 5 years. She can do it all, from talking on the mic to get it done in the ring. She’s attractive unless you’re going to take the immature remark about how she looks like she is still a little girl.

AJ Lee has the qualities of being one of the best women’s wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling, which is a big statement.

WWE has the idea that blond headed and big breasted women are the mold that the Divas division should be. Even though they are good to look at, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good at wrestling.

AJ Lee is the current Divas Champion and we should be grateful for that. She has only been on the man roster since 2011 and partial of that time, she has been the general manager.

Everyone wants to talk about the great CM Punk and his dominant reign of the WWE Champion for a total of 434 days. AJ Lee has been Divas Champion for 235+ days.

Looking at the current Divas division is there really one diva that stands out that is worthy of being champion. With everything WWE is currently looking for in a diva today, ask yourself is there really one that stands out other than AJ Lee?

Someone who can talk on the Mic and get it done in the ring, someone who is not an idiot in the media. Someone who has no wrestling background. I think it’s hilarious to hear some divas say they were wrestling fans before joining WWE and in reality all they wanted to be was models not wrestlers. Some wrestling fans they are ignorant but most smart fans. Therefore don’t lie to us because we can see right through your dye in your hair.

To see how much she has done in such a short period of time, only she knows how far she can go from here. Has she already broken the glass ceiling in the WWE?

Whoever she does lose the belt to, we will be looking at this time and wishing that we were back in her reign as Divas Champion.

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