Wednesday Night War! WWE NXT vs AEW Dynamite – Week #6 (11/6/19)


Hi folks! We continue on to the 6th week of the Wednesday Night War. What am I enjoying about it so far? Is there’s not much to criticize. I’m enjoying bringing these comparison articles for you every week, and I hope you appreciate them too. Will NXT outdo AEW with an injection of ‘main roster’ talent? And can AEW close out their first round of Dynamie episodes in style?

Wednesday Night War – Week #6

AEW Dynamite

This is the first ever ‘go home’ episode for an AEW PPV. Could they impress enough to win two weeks in a row?

The Good

  • Everything Pac does, and even more so when he dropped Orange Cassidy. Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoy the gimmick, but it was about time someone didn’t play along.
  • Good call to slot Private Party in to the World Tag Team Championship match, it should make for a cracking three way.
  • Another good decision to book Jamie Hayter and Shanna as they’ve impressed in recent weeks. Emi Sakura is starting to show her potential as well, although I don’t think she’s winning the title at the PPV.
  • More build for Awesome Kong, and it’s smart to continue the relationship with Brandi Rhodes. Can Kong be the missing link to a better women’s division?
  • Inner Circle trolling Cody and AEW was humourous and helps their chemistry. Also fun fact, Jericho is the youngest World Champion in AEW history.
  • It didn’t feel right that we hadn’t seen a crazy brawl, so it was perfect timing to let Inner Circle, Cody & The Elite, Moxley and Pac go wild in the remaining minutes.
  • Easily the most well-received part of the show was Cody’s passionate promo. Even The Rock gave him kudos on Twitter, so he must be doing something right.

The Bad

  • Difficult to pick anything, but I guess the main event could have finished clean seeing as it’s only happened once in six episodes? Although I guess it’s more heat for the heels going in to Full Gear.
  • The wrestling didn’t excite me as much as previous weeks, although they could be holding some back for Full Gear.


After losing to AEW last week in the Wednesday Night War (imo), can NXT bounce back with a promise of other talents looking to invade after the Raw & SmackDown invasions?

The Good

  • Pete Dunne & Damian Priest could fight forever and I’ll watch. I’m not sure what Killian Dain’s problem is, but I’m expecting some kind of fatal four way (or tag match?) to be announced involving him, Dunne, Priest and Tyler Bate.
  • Having the O.C on NXT felt surreal. Any show with AJ Styles on it is automatically better, so I can’t blame WWE for bringing ’em in after their altercation with Undisputed Era. But they didn’t triumph in the end, as Adam Cole once again had the spotlight on him; although it was shared with Finn Balor. Three former Bullet Club leaders in one segment was pretty neat.
  • Angel Garza vs. Tony Nese was an unexpected delight. I’d go as far to say it was the best match of the night due to their chemistry, chain wrestling, and undeniable athleticism. Garza’s stock is quickly rising, while Nese desperately needed a win after suffering lately.
  • Tommaso Ciampa welcoming the O.C to the ‘main roster’ and plugging NXT as the best show WWE has. He’s part of the reason NXT has a place at Survivor Series across the ring from so-called main roster talents. The loyal NXT faithful did well to show that even AJ Styles can’t sway them from the truth.
  • I enjoyed the match between Dominick Dijakovic and Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, although I think it was wrong because Scott’s been on a hell of a roll lately. Having him lose felt unnecessary, and they could have put Dijakovic up against literally anyone else and it would’ve done the same job.
  • Good build towards women’s war games, although some of it is questionable. Rhea Ripley needs to be dominant at TakeOver to show the world she is ready to carry the NXT Women’s Division for at least a year.

The Bad

  • You would think that after NXT took over SmackDown we’d see someone coming over to get revenge? I guess they didn’t care because they knew The O.C. would be enough? It doesn’t feel like Raw or SmackDown are taking this seriously enough, as NXT’s invaded with far bigger numbers. Of course, this could increase in the coming weeks…but I was expecting at least one guy from SmackDown to surprise us at the end.
  • While Mia Yim did the job of beating up Shayna Baszler (& co.), it sounded like there was resistance from the audience. Dakota Kai has connected with the fans, and they wanted her go to TakeOver and finally get some revenge after being bullied by the champion more than anyone else. Yim had her time against Baszler not so long ago and disappeared shortly after, so it’s not a good sign to hear fans booing the decision to add her to the mix. They rubbed it in some more with Rhea Ripley apologizing that she didn’t make the cut. Hopefully, they can turn this negative in to a positive for Kai.
  • Signing Santana Garrett just so she can be a jobber. Taynara needed the win, but it was a little too easy for my taste.

The Winner

A tough decision this week due to them being at different points. AEW’s producing Full Gear on Saturday, while WWE’s got a couple more weeks to build towards TakeOver: WarGames. It was so cool seeing AJ Styles in the NXT environment, because we know he was one of the rare talents who didn’t have to go through there. While having the O.C present was ‘too sweet’, it didn’t get the same kind of buzz as Cody’s heartfelt promo. On the other hand, I don’t think Dynamite’s wrestling was as good this week; but I can understand not going 100% when they’re bound to turn it up a notch at Full Gear.

The dynamic of anyone being able to jump from Raw/SmackDown gives NXT another selling point. Some fans may tune in just to see who’s making the jump, as we head in to Survivor Series. This is the kind of brand warfare I’ve been waiting for since they first introduced the brand extension in 2002. NXT is showing up the ‘main roster’ by being better in every way, so it gives talent a reason to show loyalty to their brands. It’s definitely not a ‘development territory’ anymore, as WWE’s message demands we recognize it as an equal third brand.

I would feel like I’m doing both shows an injustice to pick one over the other, so I’m going with a draw this time. The shows are so close in quality, and while they both have their negatives, there’s always way more positives outweighing them. Fans continue to be spoiled every Wednesday night and I couldn’t be happier to be experiencing it. Do you guys think I should keep doing this series? Please let me know. Have a good day! And thanks for reading.

Wednesday Night War – WWE NXT vs AEW Dynamite

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