What does The Future hold ?


As of late we just seen Seth Rollins go heel & join Evolution. With this turn from Rollins this basicley means tripple h is going to strap a rocket to Seth and blast him to the moon. So this means Roman will get his baby face push and from what’s been said about Roman he is about to be the next big thing. But now here’s where i get concerned because personally I am a HUGE Dean Ambrose fan Ihave supported him sense he has been Jon Moxley. The main reason I am concerned for Ambrose it looks like 2/3 of The Shield are solidifyed to be stars and if WWE puts Dean in position to not shine then he is going to be the guy out of the group who was a bust. But i honestly feel Ambrose has what it takes in the ring to put on 5 star matches & he is Gold on the mike. Dean’s gimmick is him being a crazy bad ass dude and i feel if you throw him into a program with Bray wyatt people would care i honestly feel that way. I honestly hope HHH puts Dean in a spot where he can show his strengths. I am not really going to make much mention to Roman But when it comes to Seth he is going to be with evolution and eventually break away and be a baby face who hypes the crowd. if WWE lets Seth Rollins become that kind of face he was In NXT he will be a huge success because the move set Seth Rollins has is pure babyface and that’s just what Seth is. Currently when it comes to Seth Rollins and his upcoming heel Run HHH talks adapt or parish it will be fun to see Seth Adapt his move set. I’M looking forward to finding out with the future is with The Shield guys and i wish them the best 

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