What happened to the TNA TV Title?


At TNA Slammiversary 2013, Abyss defeated Devon to win the TNA Television Championship.  With the exception of the Impact following the PPV, we have not seen the title since.  This left me to wonder, Is the championship retired?  I went to the TNA website to check and it says it’s still an active championship, but it hasn’t been seen in almost a year.  Abyss never carries the title around, he’s not announced as TNA Television Champion, It’s just sitting on him.  

TNA did the same thing with the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, but at least ODB & EY carried the titles around and were announced as the champions.  I think TNA needs to either bring the title back on TV, or just get rid of it because I don’t see the point in having a championship that’s never defended.  What do you guys think? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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