What happened to these men? #Ryback


Hello everybody, today I’d like to address an issue that seems to be all to frequent in the WWE today. We’ve seen countless people get pushed then suddenly get demoted and become irrelevant.

The prime example of this for me at this current moment in time is Ryback. It was at the Hell in a Cell PPV in 2012 where it looked like Ryback was certain to become the next WWE champion. He was booked as an unstoppable monster that was to big a challenge for then champion CM Punk to overcome. He had to be screwed by Brad Mattox who was acting as the referee. He was low blowed as he prepared to finish Punk off with the shellshock by Mattox who then lay on top of the legs of Ryback as he was pinned and even used a fast count. It took all of this for the ‘Best in the World’ to keep down the beast that was Ryback down for a simple 3 count (a simple GTS would have done). Ryback then proceeded to destroy Mattox and she’ll shock Punk on top of the cage. Ryback had been beat but was still standing over the champion.

Ar survivor series the next PPV in 2012, there was triple threat match between Ryback, Cena and Punk. This time you finally think Ryback will capture the gold, and that’s exactly how it looked. Ryback had laid out Cena with a shellshock and was set to become champion. Yet again the title capture that seemed inevitable was delayed as we were introduced to the Shield who came down beat the life out of Ryback and triple powerbombed him through the famous Spanish announce table then left again. This lasted at least a minute probably two or three. Punk was then able to pin Cena without adding anymore damage. The Shellshock was sold so much that it was able to keep Cena down for a few minutes and allowed Punk to get the 3 count. The WWE were clearly booking Ryback as champion.

Ryback then went on to team with team Hell No in a 6-man TLC match where he was battered but still at the end of the match Ryback was standing tall despite the Shields victory which didn’t include him being pinned. He was then in the final 2 at the Royal Rumble and then he teamed with Sheamus and Cena in what was described as the ‘All Stars’ team. It was clear that the WWE was ‘hot’ on Ryback. He was booked to lose every match but it was dressed up that he just kept getting screwed or it just simply wasn’t his fault. Ryback still retained his monster staus.

It was very ironic that it was at the ‘showcase of immortals’ on ‘the grandest stage of em’ all’ where ‘legends are born’ that the monster was sleighed. The legend of Ryback was never created. He had the potential to have a run similar to that of another beast, Goldberg. Many people picked up on the resemblance of Ryback to the unstoppable Goldberg although it was clear he didn’t possess as much strength and power as Goldberg. However, it still looked like he could be used in a similar way. Instead they had him beaten by Mark Henry and it seemed all momentum was lost. There was no excuse this time. This was the wrong move by the WWE as it exposed the fact that Ryback could be stopped

Ryback is now a part of the team known as Rybaxel. This team formed after his partner and himself were taken under the wing of Paul Heyman. This is where Ryback was completely destroyed in my opinion. This moved him out of the limelight and reflects the idea that being a ‘Paul Heyman guy’ isn’t always as a good thing. This took him out of the limelight and cemented his position as a heel. This pretty much ended the ‘feed me more’ gimmick which is what ensured he was completely over with the WWE universe. Everyone in the crowd would join in with the chant every time he went for the meathook clothesline. I think it’s safe to say he was well and truly over.Ryback should never have turned heel as is put an end to the gimmick which was the only reason why the character worked in my opinion.

When he returned as Ryback after sustaining an injury as Skip Sheffield as part of Nexus, everybody assumed he was just another one of Vince’s meatheads. In some ways, he proved people wrong but now Ryback is going nowhere. He’s teamed up with a guy who has the pedigree and perhaps the ability to possibly go far but now I can’t see Curtis Axel going anywhere. Quite frankly, the team of a Rybaxel will never go anywhere. Not only is the name tragic but so is there future as a team they are going nowhere. They don’t look like they’re getting the championship match that they looked like they were set for a few weeks ago as the Uso’s are preoccupied with the Wyatt family. I do think a Ryback can get elevate himself back into the main event he just needs a decent gimmick and storyline with some substance. This guy was billed as a future world champion but at the moment, has many championships to his name as Leonardio Di Caprio has Oscars.

Anyway thanks for reading and expect another instalment likely to feature Damien Sandow. If there’s anyone you’d like to feature in one of these articles, just leave the name in the comments.

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