What happened to these men? #Sandow


He has been an intellectual genius. He’s graced us, “the unwashed masses” with his rather impressive in-ring skills and his fabulous mic
work. More recently, we’ve seen this intellectual genius appear as ‘Magneto’
and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ along with some other bizarre and famous personas. It’s
quite clear, that this man must have really upset someone backstage. The one
time “Mr. Money in the Bank” looked to be on course to become the next World
heavyweight or WWE champion but now, Sandow is a shadow of his former self and
is on a real slump.

Sandow is a victim of John Cena. I personally believe had
the title have been around the waist of any other man, Sandow would have had
his first championship reign. Prior to this, Cena had been the only man to cash
in his Money in the Bank contract and not come away with the title. Now however
Cena has righted his own wrongs and now there has been more than one unsuccessful
title challenger. Cena didn’t lose the championship, in my opinion purely
because somebody else as well as Cena had to lose from a cash in and
unfortunately for Damien Sandow, that man was him. They couldn’t have the face
of the company be the only man to be unsuccessful.

Since Sandow suffered that loss at the hands of Cena I’m
almost positive he’s yet to win a match. He had had a good run prior to winning
the title as part of team Rhodes scholars. He and Rhodes never actually
captured the title but despite this fact they had a good run together aside
from jobbing to inferior in ring opponents in the form of Tensai and Brodus
Clay. This loss completely destroyed the legitimate status of this team as Clay
and Tensai may be big physically but they’re both slow and boring to watch. This
is why we very rarely see them on the main shows anymore. They’re not
entertaining. Back to Rhodes Scholars, the team eventually broke up anyway and
even faced each other at Summerslam and since then, Cody has Partnered with
brother Goldust and been a Tag Team Champion. Sandow on the other hand has
become what’s commonly known as a ‘jobber.’

We’ve seen Sandow begin impersonating people as of late and I
can’t help but compare this to Charlie Hass. 
I’m sure most people will remember him for his days of being a protégé
to Kurt Angle and as a tag team partner of Shelton Benjamin. A while after his
break from Benjamin, Hass to began impersonating different personalities. At live
show back in about 2008 I think it must have been I remember him coming out
dressed as Hulk Hogan. Hass never really achieved anything after his stint as
an impersonator and like Sandow; he was very good in ring. The WWE released
Hass and he did go onto win a tag team championship with Shelton Benjamin.

However, this isn’t what Sandow would have been banking on. He
is a good wrestler and plays a very good heel. I say this as he is very to
hate. He plays the role of the superior scholar to the tee and unless there is
some sort of rejuvenation for the character of Sandow soon I fear there may be
no turning back. Sandow was once an NXT competitor and although I feel Sandow
doesn’t need to go back there to improve, I feel he may need to go back there
to help rejuvenate the character.

I’d suggest that he appears every week and just keeps
attacking young people who aren’t necessarily doing much in NXT and wouldn’t be
hurt by getting beaten down by Sandow. They could even use local competitors if
needs must. Then I would have him come out on Raw or Smackdown bragging about
how he destroyed everyone in his wake. Then low and behold Big Show comes out
talking about how he hates bullies so he’s going to destroy Sandow. When Show
enters the ring, Sandow then pummels him with a chair or any kind of weapon. They
then have a PPV match as Big preferably a no DQ match so Sandow uses a weapon
to topple and beat the Giant. I personally couldn’t care less if getting beaten
legitimately by Sandow would make the Big Show look weak but I’m sure this is
how the company would interpret it. After his victory, Sandow can then start
winning matches fairly to re-establish himself and gain credibility with the
WWE universe. In the near future he could go on to maybe enter the hunt for
either the IC or US title.

Other than that, I can’t think of any other way to breathe
new life into the character and re-establish him other than a face turn and I
think this would be useless as Sandow works excellently as a heel and the WWE
would be losing out if they didn’t capitalise on this. In my opinion, if this
change in fortune happens soon for Sandow, I’m not sure there’s any way back. Hopefully,
Sandow will get back to best and he’ll yet again attempt to cleanse the
unwashed masses. Unfortunately, this all depends on the unreliable creative
team to come up with something half decent for him. If you have any suggestions
and ideas about what could be done with the character of Sandow and whether or
not you believe he can still make it to the top, please leave a comment. Anyway,
cheers for reading.

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