What if Triple H Took Over the WWE Main Roster?


-Similar feuds today (Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Cena, Orton, Sheamus etc.), with added in stars such as Cesaro and Owens.
-Main event matches such as Cena vs. Rollins would not begin with them facing each other. It would slow burn over a month or two, with them only facing one on one during a PPV match.

As seen above, the main event would not change too much if Triple H took over. The focus would be on building the company as a whole, and setting up a continual string of strong content. While Vince & Dunn have made multiple shortsighted moves for quick gains. Triple H has more of a “5 year outlook” plan with how he would likely lead. This can even be seen with his current staff (Sasha Banks mentions his future outlook and planning on her recent podcast with Jericho, and others have mentioned this as well). When Triple H does take over, it will absolutely be for the better.

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