WWE WrestleMania 36 Performance Center

What If WrestleMania 36 Brought the Entire Wrestling Industry Together?


Author’s Note: I have to admit. It’s never easy to start off with an open apology, but sure enough, I think it’s needed. I wrote a column the other day titled “This Interesting Theory About WrestleMania 36 *Might* Be Possible”. I had good intentions, I really thought so, but boy did I get ripped. And rightfully so. See, I like to project my excitement in written form. We are, of course, going through a unique period in the wrestling industry with a lot of crazy things going on in the world. Sometimes the quick feelings I have just want to be shared. And thus, when I had this crazy idea, theory if you will, I just wanted to put it out there. But I’m learning as I go along with writing for all of you, I need to consider all actions and consequences. I must understand my audience so much, that especially in times like these where a lot is going on in the world, I must be respectful of my choice of words. Your voice will be my lesson in future editorials. I appreciate your feedback and will continue to value your opinion. I might not always have it right. But that’s okay, we all learn to be a better human. I’m just a fan with a voice – err, and a keyboard. Thanks for allowing me to air my apology –


With that out of the way, some of you might have seen the latest news that Rob Gronkowski will be hosting WrestleMania 36. And as a Patriots hater, I couldn’t stand the guy then, and not a huge fan of him now. But that’s okay, he could be a good dude and I might learn to like him. Having him host WrestleMania 36 isn’t shocking to me; I actually kind of figured he would make a grand appearance at Mania either way once we learned he signed. What surprised me though, was his announcement that Mania would be not one, but two days! Okay, that I wasn’t expecting. But to spice things up, even more, reports are indicating that WrestleMania 36 might air from multiple locations too.

When I was having my moment with the interesting theory I wrote about above (no, you can’t read that article here anymore), I also thought about other possibilities that WWE could do to change up WrestleMania 36. One idea was the notion of having multiple venues. I brought it up one day in passing, “If WrestleMania 2 can have closed-circuit PPV in multiple locations, why couldn’t they have it again now?”.

Even if the locations weren’t across the country like in the second WrestleMania, it would still be unique to spread them out. Maybe one at the Performance Center, another at New York or Stamford, CT. Maybe even staying in Florida, but splitting it between Orlando and Tampa. Of course, it would have to be a closed event, but unique indeed.

But it got me thinking of just one more thing that WWE could do that would really make the WrestleMania 36 special. They are changing so much with not airing from Raymond James Stadium. And with the novel coronavirus having such a major impact on the world, I can’t imagine WWE just airing a basic show like they have been the past couple without something captivating for the show of shows. To really make WrestleMania 36 stand out with all that is going on, WWE should do something so big, so drastic, that it would forever change the wrestling landscape. It would bring together the entire wrestling industry for one incredible weekend.

You might be catching on…

But if not, imagine this scenario: For just one weekend only. A once in a lifetime moment. Bring together all the major wrestling companies for a WrestleMania extravaganza. Host this over two days, as they are. Host this over multiple locations, as it’s speculated. Have Impact, NWA, NXT, and dare I say it, AEW, come together for one weekend. This doesn’t mean have inter-promotional matches. Keep the card for WWE the same, but since you have two days, bring the product from all major organizations together. Let each of them have some of their own matches highlighted in some way in a closed studio.

At the end of the day, the entire wrestling industry is feeling the effects of this horrible virus. In this possibility, talent would be paid, albeit not as much as what it would have been, obviously, but all talent would be paid. It would drive WWE Network subscriptions, because, well, why not buy in to see all companies for a one-weekend showcase. It would theoretically become a true wrestling convention (just without fans anywhere near). A wrestling industry that should, at least for just this one weekend, come together in the grandest stage, to be one WrestleMania. This is how I would book a non-eventful show to something much more exciting and special to watch.

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