What Matches Do You Want at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door? & Monday Morning Q&A


Ultimately, I’d pick Sam Gradwell going to NXT in exchange for Sanga. That might sound odd, but hear me out. Gradwell has impressed me with his advancements since the original tournament. He’s a big guy who has a lot of explosive energy and since he cuts promos with very UK-style mannerisms, that isn’t as abundant in NXT right now. He’d stand out, and his size would make sure he didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Sanga didn’t get to be partnered with Grayson Waller long enough to truly benefit. Losing to Waller right after their random split hasn’t helped his chances of surviving a future cut, either. Since Veer Mahaan is in a much better spot on the main roster, he doesn’t seem poised to go to Raw or SmackDown in the near future and to accomplish anything there, too. However, Sanga could be VERY beneficial to Die Familie. As the heavy of that group, he would add a higher danger threat level to anyone who messed with Teoman than anything Rohan Raja or Charlie Dempsey (the current “bad ass” of the group) could offer.


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