What really grinds my gears? Ep.4 – Broken Dreams


Kid Kash – Brilliant worker. He can do it all, except maybe he lacks
charisma. He can be a great heel when allowed too. Still underutlized to
this day, he was last seen in TNA, putting on some of the best singles bouts in the X-Division against the likes of Austin Aries.

Jerry Lynn – Just like the Malenkos, Storms, Regals and all the rest of
the technical masters, Jerry Lynn was poorly used in the WWE, and they
should be ashamed. ECW, ROH, and TNA treat him a lot better.

Chris Jericho – One man who only just creeps into this list. He could
have been so much bigger, but with the likes of Austin, Rock, Taker,
Triple H and so many other huge names around, he was never allowed to be
“The Man”. He did win tons of championships, it was just bad
timing really, Jericho hit his prime in the boom period of wrestling.

Billy Gunn – He almost got there. He won King of the Ring, he was set to
go to the next level, but it just never happened. Maybe his Mr Ass
gimmick made it so people couldn’t take him seriously as a threat? Who

Test – Another big agile man, he could talk, he could wrestle, and at one point was on the verge of main event status. Then Triple H revealed that he had actually married Stephanie in Vegas, completely ruining Test’s and Stephanies wedding. Stephanie soon turned on Test, and he went hurtling down to midcard status faster then you can say “buried”.

Diamond Dallas Page – Severely underutilized in the WWE just after WCW went down. It was definitely not a good thing

Mike Awesome – Solid big man who could work and was so dominant in ECW, he jumped ship to WCW for a fat paycheck and was treated badly. Silly gimmicks, not taken seriously whatsoever. I will always remember his match at ECW One Night Stand 2005 against Tanaka, despite Joey being all over him, Awesome worked hard with Tanaka in that match, and they pulled off a great bout with an excellent ending. Much respect.

Once again, there are so many more names I could mention, but I have to move on!

Underutilized Men and Women of the Modern Era.

Dolph Ziggler – In an era where wrestling is in a slump, the WWE is in
dire need to create new stars. This man is so far on the edge, it hurts
his feet to stay there. Anyone can see the passion he has, how hard he
works, just give this man the World title already. Why does he continue to lose?

Samoa Joe – Since his famous ROH World title reign, and his TNA winning
streak, Joe has floundered around the mid-card like an old man lost in a
supermarket. Give this man a much deserved push, but do it in a way that will shock the viewer, Joe needs something to connect with the casual audience.

Shelton Benjamin – The guy who made Money in the Bank matches exciting.
Anyone who has seen him perform knows why he is underrated. I still
cringe when I think of the time he had his “Mama” come out to manage

Kaval – I really hate calling him that. Low-Ki is an absolute warrior in
that ring, the fact he was put onto a “Rookie” show automatically
labelled him as underutilized. Watch his TNA and ROH matches, you won’t
be disappointed.

Tyson Kidd – A work horse. Just because he’s small, doesn’t mean he
can’t get over. Just give him the ball and see where it goes.

Drew McIntyre – Broken dreams for Drew. Once a fierce heel holding the
Intercontinental title, to a rock star wannabe strumming his imaginary
guitar. Please WWE, you’re killing me with this, he doesn’t deserve
this, it’s incredibly sad. It just grinds ….

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley – Motor City Machine Guns deserved those tag titles more then anyone. Sabin deserved to be set up for his World title push properly, and Shelley should have at least gained an X-Division title. Now they are both gone, shameful.

Eric Young – Absolute pro in the ring, and on the mic, EY will play any
gimmick you give him to perfection. It seems TNA wanted to keep him as
the company clown, instead of make a real star out of him. Chris
Jericho labelled him as one of the most underrated in the business, and now he is TNA World Champion. Will TNA make a star out of Eric Young? Or will people just keep comparing him to Daniel Bryan? .

Doug Williams – Probably a bit too late for him now. Doug, like so many
other technical masters, never quite got the push they deserved due to a
lack of charisma. His last meaningful run was with the X Division title
a couple of years ago. Should have been a World Champion at least once
in his prime.

Christopher Daniels – How this man never got to hold the World title
during the Golden era of TNA I do not know. It’s pretty baffling to be
honest, he is one hell of an arsehole, he could make mormons hate

Taylor Wilde & Sarita – These two girls are amazing athletes, Taylor
held the Knockouts title, but Sarita didn’t, which is a shame. The
Knockouts Tag Team titles were only ever relevant when they held it
after winning the tournament.

Natalya – What the hell is WWE doing with Natalya? Give her some real matches and feuds, she can work really well and make someone look good. Give her a character, give her anything, she could turn heel and feud with Paige, make her look like a million dollars at 21 years old? It’s not rocket science.

Honorable Mentions

Paul London, Paul Burchill, Carlito, Justin Gabriel, R Truth, Gail Kim (In the WWE), Melina, Beth Phoenix and Roxxi.

The idea for this blog can be credited to Ace Lancaster. I wanted to
highlight that some of these names may not have got pushes due to their
own decisions, or by decisions out of their control. Nevertheless, there
may be other names you wish to add yourself, feel free to comment your favourite underrated wrestlers ever.

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