What really grinds my gears? Episode 1 – Cynical fans.


“You know what really grinds my gears? Cynical wrestling fans .. why
don’t they get with the freaking program. It’s called a wrestling show
folks, no need to get your panties in a twist, just enjoy the show, stop
taking it out on other people… And that, is what grinds my gears…
Back to you Tom.”

I had been contemplating a way in which to vent my own frustrations of
professional wrestling, in a more comical way then the average fan.

For those who are fans of Family Guy, you are freaking “sweet”, and you
should give yourself a pat on the back. Anyone else who seemingly has no
clue at what “Grinds my gears” even means, should just go away now, as
you more then likely have no sense of humour.

This entry might be a one time thing, or it might even be a series. Who
knows? Who really cares? Maybe I should just get on with my blog? If you
really insist.. then here goes.

Cynical wrestling fans of today.

I have been watching wrestling a long time, and as wrestling changed, so
did the fanbase. In the old days, people didn’t care whether someone
bumped properly, whether a move was botched, or even if a gimmick was
completely ridiculous, the majority would just sit and watch .. and well
.. enjoy it.

So you might be one of those people .. who is thinking .. what does Cynical mean?

1) Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

2) Doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile.

Maybe you have seen these so called wrestling fans? They prey on other
fans like vultures. They want to suck all the fun out of anything they
can, they want to say everything sucks (Or just one company) and seem to
believe that by wasting their own time saying these things, that it
will make a difference.

NEWS FLASH: People of all races, creeds and ages actually sit down
and watch wrestling, without any complaining whatsoever. There are many
different types of cynical fan. Lets elaborate on these types of people
shall we?

“This company sucks” fan – WWE sucks because of PG! TNA
sucks because of Hogan and former WWE guys! ROH sucks because no one
cares! Every other company but WWE sucks because … well … it just
does, Ok?

“The old and grumpy” fan – Back in my day wrestling was
good! They focused on matches… Back in my day wrestling was good,
because it was edgy and cool … Back in my day we had real characters,
we had real storylines!

“The master booker of the ages” fan – Well I think the
wrestling sucked tonight, because they didn’t do this, and they didn’t
do that, and they didn’t put him up against him, and this match should
have been this, and this match should have ended like that, and I should
have just booked the whole darn thing because it would have been
awesome, and no one else can tell me otherwise!

“Bring back this guy” fan – Well wrestling sucks now
because he retired, they should bring him back anyway, he was awesome. I
can’t like anyone else now because my fave of all time got fired …
I’ll just keep complaining about it and hopefully they get him/her back.

“They should completely cut out all promos and have matches” fan – Wrestling
would be so awesome if it was just matches all the time, with no silly
segments in-between. We will still really care about the wrestler’s and
the matches, even if we don’t know anything about the wrestler, or even
if there is no feud. We will just sit here and watch two guys I don’t
know beat each other up… Wait a minute… that sounds familiar…

“Bring back this stable because it was so awesome and cool” fan – Bring
back the Four Horsemen! Bring back the nWo! Bring back the Nexus? Bring
back all the awesome stables that made wrestling what it used to be. I
don’t care if most of the original group is retired or dead, just stick
some randoms in there and it will be fine. People will totally buy it!
Please believe me…

“I will destroy all people who do not accept my delusional ideas and rants” fan – I

Maybe by now you are grasping the concept of what this type of blog
involves. First of all, the wrestling business has changed dramatically
over the last fifteen years, specially since the Internet really took
off, and more people could afford to have it in their homes.

We have online communities where people discuss the complex in ring
psychology of every wrestler, and every wrestler is put through a
process where they are judged on whether or not they can “wrestle”

I really really hate the term “Marks or Smarks”, what ever happened to
just calling people wrestling fans? Its this labeling that constitutes
to a division among fans, from the purely casual, general fans, to the
hardcore super smarks who know every detail about everything.

As someone who generally knows a lot about wrestling, due to a big
interest on the history of it, people often misjudge my replies to them
as condescending, like I am talking down to them because I know things
they don’t. In reality it is a matter of educating the masses, and
hopefully the fan sees it as me helping them to not look foolish in the
future. Other times though it leads to the fan doing a Hulk Hogan, and
they begin to “Hulk” up by threatening me with violence over a computer
because they simply can’t stand to be corrected.

When my grandma was alive, she used the typical cliche statement on me when I was young, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all”.

This should be a premise taken on by wrestling fans too, but we
know that people in general need a vessel to unleash their fury among
the unexpected. They have problems in their own lives, and hate on
wrestling and its fans in order to vent their frustrations.

I do see good fans though. True, passionate wrestling fans, who when
they see something they don’t like, they let you know, but in a way that
makes sense. They will go out of their way to explain why they don’t
like something, and what they would suggest is better, without writing
up blog after blog of what an episode “could” have been, which usually
ends up as scrambled garbage that people don’t understand.

Being a cynical A-hole, makes you view anything and everything as crap.
And when you view everything as crap, you have to take a good look at
yourself and wonder … if I really hate this so much, why am I watching
it? Why do I continue to watch and comment on it? Why do I let myself
get so worked up?

Take a lesson from South Park. When things get you down, stick with what
you know, but find something to ease the pain. Even if it means you
don’t actually watch wrestling every now and then, you might come back
to it and appreciate the good things a little more.

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