What’s Happening In TNA Wrestling? Looking At The Positives & Negatives.

  • James Storm. He stuck around, and while many would see that as a dumb career move, the man behind the character decided he wasn’t getting paid enough for his talent. He’s a saving grace, because the company needs one or two credible veterans to get the new kids over. He’s only been TNA Champion once and it wasn’t for long, so he hasn’t done everything yet. Yes, I said TNA needs to make new stars, but if you put the title on a TNA original and let him run with it for a while .. then you can get a young guy to go over on Storm.
  • The X-Division. For years I’ve said they need to rejuvenate the X-Division with young talent that no one’s seen before. Enter Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett, two young bucks managed by Gregory Helms. Now if only we could find one or two young likeable guys to rival them. And where the hell is Tigre Uno these days? He lost the title and disappeared.
  • E …. Li … Drake. I love Eli Drake (as much as a straight guy can), and that’s just a fact of life! He’s one of those heels you love to hate, and he has the voice of a superstar. He’s a wizard on the mic, looks incredibly comfortable in everything he does, and most importantly, he seems to be enjoying it. Watch out for Eli Drake, because he’s bound for a push. He may be my favourite wrestler in the company at the moment.


Even when the company is having a hard time, I don’t want the company to fall and disappear. Why would we want less? Why would we want lost opportunities? If we didn’t have TNA, would we have AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Eric Young and Bobby Roode in WWE? Chances are, we might have, but there’s also a chance we might not have. TNA gave them a platform to showcase their abilities and get noticed. No matter what anyone says, TNA has helped their careers. Think about the future, and how many young wrestlers would kill for a chance to show what they can do.

I want to see more, I want gripping episodes of Impact. I didn’t talk about this earlier, because it was somewhere in the middle ground, but the recent Al Snow promo gripped me. He sucked me in .. grabbed me through the TV screen, and forced me to listen to every word he had to say. Eric Young was the same way before he signed with NXT. The show needs more promo guys, and the company needs to find ways to keep shows fresh and entertaining, and not just for us, but for the talent as well. It’s all good giving us wrestling matches, and yes .. it is a pro wrestling company, but there’s a lack of must-see moments and colourful characters.

TNA has less creative limits, which is obvious when you watch any segment involving Decay .. so what’s holding them back? Do they have more limits than we assume? Or is it about money and having to pre-tape episodes? Is having to plan angles weeks, sometimes months in advance hampering creative? I’ll continue to support the talent, even if It’s sad to see a lack of buzz surrounding them. As long as TNA lives, there’s always a chance they can pull together, dig themselves out, and find gold along the way. Most importantly, they will fix the promotion’s reputation and earn the respect of fans and critics. Or they will crash and burn with some claiming it was inevitable while I hang my head and think about the talent who lost their livelihoods. Either way, thanks for reading and I shall see you again soon.

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