What Should We Expect Ordering WWE TLC PPV


WWE brings us Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view tomorrow night. There is a lot of buzz about this show. What should we expect from this show is a good question that if you’re thinking about buying this pay-per-view. Has WWE done a good enough job on selling this pay-per-view and more important question is it worth 50 or 60 bucks of your hard earned money.


You have the main event which is of course, Randy Orton versus John Cena for the WWE and World Title. Will we get a unified champion? Well Triple H guarantees it. Now when you buy a pay-per-view it should be the main reason you buy the pay-per-view. The Main Event is the top and should be the more interesting storyline in the company at the time. Yes with the stipulation interest and really you don’t care about the match but more just for the outcome. Will there be one champion or two? Now WWE has built this up to be a big deal but I think with the under-card which is not bad and I’ll get into that more in a moment that has two of the same match ups.

Pay-per-view buys will do less than WWE is expecting. For all you fans, they can’t blame Daniel Bryan for it. You have two of the biggest stars that WWE has produced in the PG era so you would think they would get a big buy rate. With the past couple pay-per-view and the finishes that they have given us I don’t think people are as confident in buying WWE pay-per-views even if it’s for a high profiled match like this.

For the under-card, you have two handicap matches, intercontinental, Tag Team and Divas title match on the card.

The intercontinental title match with Big E. Langston versus Damien Sandow has been built up nice but WWE has not given us much belief in Sandow to go out there and win the match. Langston has been built up so monstrous that I think the “WWE Universe”strongly believes that Langston will walk through Sandow and right out the front door.

The tag match should be fun but feels like its throw together match that we can see on either Raw or Smackdown.

The Divas title match is okay but the Diva’s division is not strong at all these days and Natalya feels like someone just filling the void for now.

The Handicap matches are not what I am looking forward to in these two feuds. It would not surprise me if they merge these two matches into a big six on 2 handicap match. Seriously, I cannot see them doing two handicap matches but hey that just me.

Final verdict: As side from the Main Event, the under-card should have a good quality of wrestling but does not further the storylines currently in the land of WWE. I am going to watch it but I am more interested in the main event outcome more than the match itself.

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