What Should WWE Do About the World Heavyweight Championship


So as we all know Daniel Bryan came out this Monday on Raw and announced that he will have surgery on Thursday, for a neck injury he has picked up.  The obvious question in everybody’s heads is will the title be stripped from him?  In my own opinion they should strip him of it, but only with the promise of a match with the next champion at the first Raw or the first PPV after his return.  

Then again it would make the Authority more hated by the fans if they stripped it of him and told him he had to fight for a rematch whenever he were to return.  Either way it seems very mean to take the title of him so soon after the long fought battle to get there but overall i think it would be ‘Best for Business.’  Well I think there’s two very good ways that the WWE could handle this situation, with both story-lines having the chance of adding very good and deserving superstars into the title picture.

Triple Threat Match at PayBack.

On Monday’s Raw I would have Daniel Bryan come out to kick of the show and graciously announce that he will hand over the title since he is no longer able to compete, and, of course, promise the YES army that he will be back to take that title from whoever has it when he gets back.  

Just as Daniel Bryan is about to leave the belt in the ring and walk up the ramp, Triple H comes to the ring and talks about what happens next.  Triple H then tells the world that he is setting up a triple threat match for the WWE Title on next week’s Raw with the other members of Evolution.  He would taunt him and say he’ll be champion and won’t give DBryan a match when he returns.After which The Shield’s music hits and they come tearing down through the crowd and into ring to lay out The Game, with Daniel Bryan getting in a few kicks before he leaves Raw(if he’s not in a wheelchair or anything).  

Later on that night The Authority have The Shield ambushed while they’re cutting a promo, only for The Shield to get the better of them with Hunter the last to get out of the ring after a spear from Reigns.  Triple H then says he’s sick of Roman Reigns and wants to but a finish to him tonight, to this Reigns responds that he can have the match if he puts his place in the Triple Threat match on the line.  Triple H responds “You’re On!”  

During their match their is heavy action inside and outside the ring with Evolution and other roster members attempting to get involved and making the match an impossible task for Reigns.  At the end of the match Roman comes out of nowhere with a superman punch and a spear and takes The Game out of the title picture.  

Of course this could happen with anyone of the members of Evolution, and WWE could decide which one they want as champion most and to build up a good run with them until Daniel Bryan returns to go into a story with them.

A WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

My other idea is a tournament to determine a WWE champion with the Semi-Finals being held at PayBack and the final at Elimination Chamber, the big gap there to build up a very decent rivalry and at Money in the Bank Stephanie Mcmahon come’s out to announce that Daniel Bryan has been entered into the match and then turn it into a Triple Threat match.  

The reasons for the tournament would that they can bring in a few developing superstars into the main storyline without it seeming overcrowded and they can have a huge buildup story to the eventual title match with Daniel Bryan having a legitimate reason to go straight back into the title picture as he never lost the title plus there would have been no champion up until that point.  You could also have the finals at PayBack and have a buildup to a Daniel Bryan vs tournament winner match at BattleGround.  

If you think of who could be a part of the tournament it has the potential to be a very intersting storyline.  The best I could hope for is convincing CM Punk to return with the promise of him winning the tournament but i think thats just wishful thinking.  The real contenders for the title should be Roman Reigns, Triple H, Bray Wyatt, John Cena(I know), Kane and possibly Cesaro or the other members of Evolution. The title being vacant is a great chance to push one of the guys they’ve been working hard with like Reigns or Wyatt and they would make good champions in my opinion, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a seasoned guy with the belt when Bryan returns(Cena, Kane, Triple H).

Either way I think these are great potential ideas for the current situation with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Well I thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy next weeks Raw it looks to be very interesting.

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