What To Take Away From Royal Rumble


Ok so I am a bit late, but I thought I would give my opinions from this year’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV. I have to say with so much hype or better yet, looking at the card on paper this was a sure success for the pay-per-view. Unfortunately it was not to be.

This pay-per-view got off with a hot start from The New Age Outlaws defeating Cody Rhodes and Goldust to win their sixth WWE tag team championships and then Daniel Bryan losing to Bray Wyatt in the match of the night. Who could have thought this would go downhill from a start like this.

WWE they had to hear the fans and their opinions, the real question is if they will do anything about it. I know Randy Orton and John Cena worked hard in their match, but what they gave us deserved the reaction they got. Give it up to Randy Orton for not popping a blood vein when they chanted everything they did. I do think we have heard a crowd that vocal in some time, which was pretty cool to say the least.

This was not a good match and not even down the stretch. They did each other’s moves in sequences that was not ready and / or reasonable for a match of this caliber. For a moment I thought I was watching Rock – Cena 2 from WrestleMania 29. The best part of the match was the end believe it or not. The Wyatt Family coming out was good and very unpredictable. Amazingly this was the best crowd reaction other than chants through the entire match.

I really thought we would get much more than what we got from Brock Lesnar defeating Big Show. Yes I thought it could be match of the night and I was clearly wrong. It was not a letdown, but it was nothing to what I thought was going to happen. To think about it, what was I thinking would happen? Brock Lesnar used good tactics with his pre-match chair shots that took the big man out of the fight. Yet the always impressive “F5” took the big man off his feet, put him in flight and had a hard landing.

If you think about it, without the tag team title change and Bray Wyatt defeating Daniel Bryan, this PPV would really have more negative reviews than they do already. The fans crapped all over this show and for good reason. The Wyatt – Bryan match was a classic 20 minute match that tore down the house. I would love to see that again on PPV, but it is highly unlikely.

Let’s get to the gimmick of this show, the main event, the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. Like I and most people suspected. Dave Batista in new ring gear won the match and will go on to face most likely Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30. With only three real surprises (Sheamus, Kevin Nash and JBL) that was one let down. Daniel Bryan not being in the match made sense and he was even taken out of commission by Bray Wyatt so that was a bit immature if you really thought he was going to be in the match.

I knew Batista would win the match so that is fine, the problem I have is that Rey Mysterio was your number 30 entrant and did not even last that long in the match. What a letdown.

Most reaction to this pay-per-view is going to be bad, I try to take away the good and not only the bad.

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