When Should Sheamus Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase?


Whether you’re in the camp like myself who is disappointed that Sheamus is the new Mr. Money in the Bank or you’re more supportive of the idea, it doesn’t matter—he’s entitled to a future title shot at the time of his choosing over the course of the next 12 months.

So, when should that happen? What is the best course of action for WWE to take to make use of this situation?

I would argue that the biggest hurdle Sheamus is going to run into is his lack of credibility at the moment. In the past, he was rushed to a world title and it wasn’t exactly memorable for being amazing rather than just having happened. That cannot happen with him once more, because it will do nothing but hinder the championship rather than boost him.

At the moment, Sheamus needs the world title more than the title needs Sheamus. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the crop of people that have been challenging for it where Sheamus is a necessary element to be brought into the mix to “save” it, as if it were being passed around by a bunch of midcarders. In fact, Sheamus himself has been the midcarder for over a year, so he’s the one that will need to reach up to the spot.

Since his return, Sheamus has been booked relatively weak. Sure, that first night made him seem like he would be a beast, but what has he accomplished since then? Other than this fluke of a Money in the Bank victory which he owes to Bray Wyatt, he’s come up short in the Elimination Chamber after attempting to cheat and he’s been more of a loser in his feud with Dolph Ziggler than a winner.

Those aren’t exactly strong showings for The Celtic Warrior whom everyone should fear, are they? That is why Sheamus needs a few months to build himself back up to someone who could actually be seen as the world champion. If he were to win the title too soon, it would be a downgrade. Seth Rollins has been cheating to retain the title, but not all of the time. Brock Lesnar was as dominant looking of a champion as you could get for someone that barely ever showed up. A heel like Sheamus who considers himself a tough guy but can’t get the job done is counterproductive in the current environment.

Sheamus doesn’t have the legs to go into WrestleMania as the champion, either. Ask yourself if you would truly want to see him headline next year’s big event when we’ll have the three members of The Shield, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, possibly Sting, Triple H, The Rock, and even Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan all potentially in matches. Is Sheamus really not just in that same echelon, but THE guy to walk into the event as the top champion?

It’s possible that WWE could spend the next few months focusing on him so much that he’s able to reach that point, but that’s a lot of work and a lot of risk that WWE hasn’t been able to do many times in the past, so it’s not the safest bet.

Ultimately, this boils down to three options as I see it right now:

1) Sheamus cashes in Money in the Bank relatively soon and loses

In this scenario, the brash brute continues his inability to see that he’s not as tough as he truly is, and it bites him in the arse. Sheamus has an itchy trigger finger and he doesn’t want to wait forever to get his title shot, so he picks an opportunity that isn’t exactly the best for his chances. Whomever the babyface champion is at the time (whether it be Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar or anyone else) is able to retain and they start a feud with each other.

2) Sheamus waits until well after WrestleMania to cash in

This gives WWE more than enough time to figure out what to do with him and keep him as a backup plan in case things get a little crazy with random injuries and such. Basically, this is the slow and patient route, where WWE can wait until the right time to give him a title victory and not make it seem rushed. For months, Sheamus can be booked in better positions so where he earns that new title reign. There would be a reason for him to win the championship outside of WWE brass just liking his look and ignoring how he isn’t quite as over as they would like him to be and never has been “the guy”.

3) Sheamus loses the Money in the Bank briefcase

This has always been an option, but WWE has only gone this route one time in the past and it was due to injury. Therefore, the likelihood of this happening is very slim, although still a possibility. There’s nothing that prevents WWE from having a match down the line where Sheamus puts the briefcase up for grabs and someone is able to take it from him. Maybe that’s Neville? Maybe that’s Kevin Owens? Maybe it’s Dean Ambrose? Whatever the case may be, Sheamus as the current holder of the contract is not the only end that we may see. However unlikely it may be, someone else could wind up cashing it in rather than The Celtic Warrior himself.

As someone who is not a fan of Sheamus, I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. I’ve never been fond of any of his title reigns and I’ve felt like each one has been contrived in very poor fashion, so I’m hoping that this is not another one of those in the making.

When would you like to see Sheamus cash in? Who are you hoping he will cash in on? Are you fond of this choice, or do you think it’s a mistake? Tell us your predictions, booking ideas and general thoughts in the comments below!

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