When Wrestling Goes Off Script: Top 10 Catastrophes In Wrestling. Real Or Kayfabe? #5-1


Welcome back to this final installment. Let’s take a look at some of wrestling’s most disastrous moments part 2 !

As you know, all wrestlers had to subject to company rules and not break kayfabe. However, these type of things don’t always go to plan as seen here. Now, we all know are beloved wrestling is scripted, it’s no secret. There will always unfortunate cock-ups and unfortunate events here and there. Some might end up being just a silly joke while others expose how dangerous the business could be. But no matter which category the moment belonged to, they were always memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Warning!! Some entries on this list are debatable as to whether or not they where scripted or real, i’ll let you be the judge and jury of that.

5 Steve Austin Takes His Ball and Leaves the WWE.

Steve Austin taking his ball and leaving the WWE will always leave a black eye on his legacy as arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.

Austin’s issues had started from the moment Vince signed NWO. Namely “Hulk Hogan” He made it well known to Vince that he was not a fan of Hogan’s return and rumors spread that he refused to lose to Hogan if McMahon were to book the two in a match at Mania 18.Obviously, that Hogan match went to The Rock and the rest is history. Austin felt relegated to the background and felt he was being put in meaningless matches, and knew he was being pushed to the back.

So Austin being Austin no-showed on Raw which was made public as both Ric Flair and McMahon cut promos alluded to Austin not showing up to work tonight. It was certainly strange at the time and much like today, people still questioned if it was a work.

Stone Cold returned and was took his ball again! After another no-show on RAW where he was this time slated to do the job to Brock Lesnar. “Oh how the mighty have fallen” in Steve’s case that is.

Austin refused to do the job (and rightly so) citing that the match should not be given away on free TV, especially if he was slated to lose, Austin’s frustrations boiled over as he refused to show up for RAW that night in a move that resulted in his temporary demise. When researching his walkout, I began to realize just how similar Punk and Austin’s situations were. The parallels are so crazy you’d be forgiven for almost thinking it was a work. It wasn’t!

The Rock buries Stone Cold for walking out on the WWE.

Austin would return to the WWE in 2003 for a farewell tour of sorts as he wrestled one last match at WrestleMania XIX before calling it quits for good.

4 Scott Steiners Promo’s

In the world of sports or entertainment, you always have controversial athletes, Scott Steiner was wrestling’s!

Big Poppa Pump was known for going completely off-script,he was a loose cannon, with a hair-trigger temper. A legit tough guy, nobody would dare cross him. A strange case in which he switched from an A+ in-ring worker and phenomenal tag-team specialist earlier in career to an average in-ring worker who cut some of the most entertaining promo’s in his later career. His steroid abuse and abrasive personality led to him being known as controversial but ultimately a legend for one reason if not another.

Scott doesn’t care about whether or not he works for WWE or anyone else for that matter and rejected a WWE Legends contract. He is free to talk about who he wants without any fear of retaliation. As much as he likes to make claims about people and run them down, there are others who have made claims and started rumors about him, too. Outside of wrestling he has received much attention. He once hit a transportation employee with his truck on a highway, and even attacked an EMT working for the fire department on an episode of Nitro.

Besides all that Scott is best known for his awesome promo skills. One of my all-time favorite Scott Steiner promo’s (and their is quite a few) was when Scott decided he was a math’s genius or something.

Scott Steiner: “You know, they say all men are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Samoa Joe, and you can see that statement is not true! See, normally if you go one-on-one with another wrestler, you got a 50-50 chance of winnin’.

But I’m a genetic freak, and I’m not normal, so you got a 25% at best at beatin’ me! And then you add Kurt Angle to the mix? Your chances of winnin’ drastically go down. See the three-way, at Sacrifice, you got a 33 1/3 chance of wiinnin’. But I, I got a 66 2/3 chance of winning, cause Kurt Angle KNOWS he can’t beat me, and he’s not even gonna try! So, Samoa Joe, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus my 25 percent chance, and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winnin’ at Sacrifice! But then you take my 75 perchance chance at winnin’, if we was to go one-on-one, and to add 66 2/3 ch… percents, I got a 141 2/3 chance of winnin at Sacrifice! See, McJoe; the numbers don’t like, and they spell disaster for you at Sacrifice!

I’m gonna break it down for all you ladies.” (turns to Lauren) “Would you rather be with me, or would you rather be with Joe?”

Lauren: “Well, I think Joe’s kinda nice, I mean, you know? “Steiner: “See, you’re one o’ those girls that like romance. I’m-a talk to all my freaks out there. Would you rather come home to me, a genetic freak, to be satisfied every night, or go home to that fatass Samoa Joe!? See, tonight, we’re gonna win, and I’m gonna be the World Champion at Sacrifice! Absolute epicness from Steiner.

Here is some of one of Scott’s epic promo moments. Holla if you hear me!!

And here is Scott Steiner on a pogo stick.

3 CM Punk’s ‘Pipe Bomb’

Wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt, Punk made his way up the ramp and sat cross-legged at the top of the stage with a microphone he calls his pipe bomb.

He went on to deliver one of the best promos in wrestling history. Right up there with the best of them. And as they say in the wrestling business, it generated a ton of heat. Not bad for a 5-minute speech that actually got cut off. As he was about to tell a personal story about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, his microphone volume was completely turned down. Who could forget the “CM Punk The Movie! Or the “Ice cream bars comments. 🙂

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