Which is the best Wrestlemania of all-time?


*Warning: Longest article in

eWrestlingNews history imminent

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It’s the
most woooooonderful timeeeeee of the yeeeeear. Nope, not Christmas, its
Wrestlemania season!

With the
granddaddy of them all looming large over our heads, I thought I’d metaphorically
inject myself with some Wrestlemania spirit (as the WWE has forgotten how to do
it). Now I cannot conclusively say what the greatest incarnation of the event
is as I have seen WM 15-23 and then after a hiatus from watching WWE I watched
all of 29.

In the
coming years I will amend this travesty by watching ones I have missed; from
the earlier shows to the dreaded 27th one. I know lots about them of
course, I’ve just never got round to watching them. So I stress that this
opinion will be based on the aforementioned Wrestlemania shows I have listed.

of the one’s I’ve missed; after lots of reading, researching and perusing
articles on the almighty internet, opinion seems to be fixed on the same few
events where the best is concerned. All of this article is subjective and is MY
opinion, so I don’t want to hear childish moaning in the comments section
saying “You don’t know what I’m talking about” or other nonsensical
non-educated gibberish. Excellent, onto the shows!



This was a
poor PPV with undoubtedly the worst Hell in a Cell match of all-time, hell (no
pun intended), the stupid post-match hanging was better than the match. Apart
from the first glorious instalment in the Austin/Rock trilogy; the less said about
the event the better.


2000 was
close to the pinnacle of WWF at the time. They churned out tremendous PPV’s at
will; sadly the weakest PPV of the year was their biggest one. NO singles
matches (that’s not a good thing….that’s….a bad thing). Yes the Triangle Ladder
Match was incredible, the main event was better than people give it credit for
and the 2-fall double title match was good but short; however the rest of the
card is very poor. Who in their right mind would want to see The Godfather and
D-Lo Brown take on Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan? At Wrestlemania no less!
*major sigh*


This is
definitely a mixed bag here with some very good and some just plain bad.
Cena/Big Show? Very bad. Jericho/Christian? Good. Lesnar/Goldberg? KILL IT.
KILL IT WITH FIRE. Eddie/Kurt? Superb. Undertaker/Kane? Bad.
Benoit/HHH/Michaels? Spectacularly marvellous. Throw in some ok tag matches, a
good Cruiserweight invitational and meaningless filler Women’s Title Match and
you have a very mixed event.


There is so
much to be admired here but just not quite enough quality, in MY eyes, to
shine; despite some solid bouts. It was too low down on the card for my liking
but Undertaker’s World Title victory was amazing to see; he really deserved the
spotlight to finish the show. But some of the stuff really killed my liking for
the event such as Ashley being on the card; she was hot as hell but couldn’t
wrestle to save her life and Kane and Khali should only be shown for torture
purposes. But I believe we saw the making of John Cena on this night. Yes he
had been around for nearly 5 years at this point but he put on one of his finest
matches ever, in the main event, for the WWE Title, against a true legend. But
do you know something? Cena didn’t look like he was being carried at any point
during this match; I may not like what he has become, but on his day, John Cena
can certainly wrestle.


This was a
relatively weak card and didn’t do much for me. I expected
Faaaaaaaandaaaaaaaangooooooooooo to go over but he wasn’t spectacular in his
victory and his subsequent demise has made his only WM appearance, to date,
worthless. Some ok matches followed, Del Rio and Swagger impressed but overall
the event was saved by its main events. Punk and Undertaker tore the house down
with an excellent match. Lesnar and Triple HHH really added some brutality and
bite, albeit the match being slow-paced; whilst The Rock and Cena put on
another solid main event match. Thankfully Dwayne hasn’t hogged the spotlight
this year; although with this year’s card, I wish he had.

Right, now
we get to the BIG ones. Counting down from 5……I bet you’re already guessing
the number 1 spot……

Wrestlemania 18

I really do
think that this was a highly enjoyable and underrated show. Flair and “Booger
Red” concluded a very personal rivalry, the opener was a nice surprise between
Regal and RVD; not forgetting the amusing side-story of the hardcore
championship all night. But of course, who can’t forget THAT match? I could
watch Edge and Booker T parade their passion for Japanese shampoo commercials
all day long! Joking aside, Rock/Hogan showcased a classic wrestling match with
Hogan’s limited but effective offense counteracting the young lion’s agility
and power. The crowd is still arguably the greatest crowd for a match I’ve ever
heard, but it should have been the main event as the crowd was dead for the
Undisputed Title match.

Wrestlemania 21

We’re going
Hollywood! We also get an undercard which was about as good an undercard as you
will ever have for a Wrestlemania or PPV to be honest. It’s a bold statement,
but when you take into consideration the magnitude of the matches and their
respective quality; it becomes plainly obvious. Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero
opened the show in excitable fashion as you’d expect and it’s one of the best
openers I’ve seen. The first ever Money in the Bank match was highly
innovative, historic and catapulted Shelton Benjamin, in more ways than one,
into the spotlight. The Undertaker, supposedly, offered the Streak to Randy
Orton but he turned it down out of respect. Despite Orton’s arrogance, if this
is true then that is commendable. These two produced an incredible match to
sustain the unstoppable start to this show. Christy Hemme put in a poor
performance at Wrestlemania, similarly like Ashley, she was a pretty face but
didn’t deserve that spot as she couldn’t wrestle. Angle and Michaels then tore
the house down with a 5-star show stealer. Far too much praise for this match
as it’s perfect and utterly flawless. But the show went downhill from here with
an appalling and unnecessary Sumo Match and two less than stellar main events.
Cena and JBL was just an awful match were Cena performed what would become his
staple, Superman heroics, to come back at the end and win his first title
rather anti-climactically. On the other hand, HHH and Batista could have been so
much better after such a long build-up between them both. It wasn’t terrible,
but they would have better matches in the future.

Wrestlemania 22

This edges
21 because it has more consistency, more quality in its card and has MUCH
better main events. Save for a couple of exceptions, 22 was more stacked and
had more fun with stipulations akin to a very popular Wrestlemania event. A good
tag team match opens the show with an experienced team and a young team with
potential kicking things off. We got another awesome Money in the Bank ladder
match, which may have surpassed the year before, but Shelton Benjamin still
stole the show, AGAIN; WWE really dropped the ball with him! Benoit/JBL was ok
and the Boogeyman, Mr and Mrs Booker T was forgettable. But we saw the best Wrestlemania
Diva’s match in years, an entertaining Casket Match, a fiery (pun intended) Hardcore
Match and a personal no-holds barred grudge match provide some very welcome
action to watch. The Hardcore Match was downright extreme and the crowd loved
it, rightly so. One downside is that we didn’t have our technical wrestling affair;
I suppose the Playboy Pillow Fight was deemed adequate enough to satisfy this
criteria. The Triple Threat Match was very good, not quite WM20-esque, but
still good and Cena and Triple H put on a very solid match to close out the
show; awesome entrances mind.

2 to go…..

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