Who Cares Who The Face Of The WWE Is?


Every week on Raw and SmackDown “The Authority” comes out and complains about what Randy Orton did wrong last week. They say that what they want a true face of the WWE.

For months they endorsed Randy Orton that he was the model WWE superstar. That every superstar should be like Randy Orton. From his work on the microphone to his in ring skills. Basically you can’t get better then Randy Orton according to “The Authority”.

With all that said, then why is the WWE universe rejecting Randy Orton? This is not me being a Daniel Bryan mark and saying that he should be WWE Champion. This is a WWE fan who is annoyed every time we see Randy Orton be mentioned as the face of the WWE.

Randy Orton is good not great, if you really want to pick things apart John Cena has been the face of the WWE since Stone Cold Steve Austin retired in 2003. I know some of you will tell me, but John Cena was just a rookie when Austin retired and that is true what I’m saying is from the time 2003 to 2005 WWE was looking for the guy represents WWE.

They tried guys like Triple H, JBL and when they found out that could not work they went with the young guns of course and his name was John Cena. and John Cena has been the face of the WWE since 2005.

This leads me to my next question why should your fans care about who the face of your company is. Does it make the product any better? does it make the product any more enjoyable? Does it make me want to watch WWE anymore did it already does? Why on a weekly basis you must come out and tell the fans we don’t know who we want or who we think deserves to be the face the WWE. We are your consumers not your business partners. We are the people to watch your product not make your product.

You should listen to our opinions on who we want to see wrestle, on who we want to see feud with. On what match that we want to see that night, on what direction we want to see take place. Now sure you’re going to put a WWE Superstar in a suit and go do media appearances with someone who talks to the press, that someone should be someone we want and what we do not want.

So when you come out there, demand us to show them who the face of the WWE is for their company. Who gives a flying f**k who the face of the WWE is. We watch to enjoy not to make money off of it. Your problem not ours.

For a week to week bases if Randy Orton lose the match then he is not the face of the WWE. You have so much confidence in him when you were screwing over Daniel Bryan and the big show then have faith in him now. Don’t try to get on the Daniel Bryan wagon just because he is more interesting and over with the fans then Randy Orton is.

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