Who Could’ve Been WWE King and Queen of the Ring?


The WWE King and Queen of the Ring are no longer set for the Saudi Arabia PPV on May 27. Despite that, it got me thinking about who a good choice for King and Queen could’ve been.

In the past, the King of the Ring has been used as a stepping stone for eventual WWE Hall of Famers, like Steve Austin and Booker T. The Queen of the Ring would’ve only been its second rendition. However, it had great potential in trying to elevate new and stale stars on the main roster.


Here’s a look at who I would’ve booked to be King and Queen of the Ring…

King of the Ring:

Chad Gable

WWE's Chad Gable

The king of the “shoosh” would’ve been a great choice to be King of the Ring. Not only is Gable incredibly over right now with his character, but he is an outstanding in-ring performer, and the King of the Ring could’ve turned him into a full-fledged babyface too. I could picture the promos now of Gable sitting on his throne and Otis right beside him saying weird noises. In an ideal world, the WWE King and Queen of the Rings should be used to build up a superstar into becoming an eventual champion. It doesn’t have to be the world title, but you should at least become in contention for a midcard championship. In this scenario, Gable could use the King of the Ring to boost him towards a feud with Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship.

Finn Balor

WWE's Finn Balor

The presumed leader of The Judgement Day would’ve been another fine candidate for King of the Ring. Balor, a staple on the main roster, could’ve used this added boost to his career. I don’t expect Balor to be getting a world championship, and I also don’t expect Balor to be the one to take the title off of Theory or GUNTHER for that matter. However, the King of the Ring could’ve provided Balor with the potential of creating separate storylines within The Judgement Day, and also could’ve given Balor the opportunity in improving his character as well. The King of the Ring would have been another great addition to add to a stable that is thriving on a lot of different levels.

LA Knight

WWE's LA Knight

YEAH! Knight has become a fan favorite with the WWE universe. The amount of charisma and potential Knight has is undeniable. His transition from NXT to the main roster has, despite some bumpy moments, been a solid run. However, fans are clamoring for a big-time push. King of the Ring would have been the perfect start to doing that. Similarly, to Gable, you can use the King of the Ring to turn Knight fully babyface. However, he is so versatile that Knight works as a heel too. But do to how over he has become, a Knight babyface turn is surely in the cards. Knight has become a prime candidate for the men’s Money in the Bank this year, and whilst that comes with a world title opportunity and the King of the Ring doesn’t, the crown would easily propel Knight into the main event status. We could’ve finally got a King of the Ring winner to take the crown and become a huge star, unlike past winners such as Baron Corbin and Bad News Barrett.

Queen of the Ring:

Charlotte Flair

WWE's Charlotte Flair

Despite my on again off again relationship with Flair, she would’ve definitely been a top candidate for Queen of the Ring. Now Flair doesn’t need the crown by any means. She is already a major establish star and doesn’t need the extra exposure. However, Flair is seemingly being groomed to be Bianca Belair’s successor for the Raw Women’s Championship. Even though it’s unnecessary, being the Queen of the Ring could’ve created a good start for a feud with The EST. Not to mention, Flair’s nickname is “The Queen.” Not only would Charlotte have been in the Queen of the Ring tournament, but the underlining story throughout the tournament could’ve been how Flair is trying to prove once again that she is in fact, “The Queen.” Even though it is redundant, it makes total sense as to why Flair could’ve worked as Queen of the Ring.


WWE's Asuka

Asuka as Queen of the Ring would be very cool, don’t you think? No doubt, Asuka is a decorated wrestler and doesn’t necessarily need the Queen of the Ring. However, despite all her achievements, Asuka has still been overshadowed by names such as Flair, and Becky Lynch by WWE creative. Asuka is incredible and, in my opinion, a full heel turn could potentially do her career new wonders. With the crown, this new side of Asuka could finally develop her into becoming one of the top heels in WWE’s women’s division. Asuka could’ve had segments that included her parading around the ring with her crown, showing off during her matches like she did in NXT, and becoming the most dangerous version of herself with the recognition.

Alexa Bliss

WWE's Alexa Bliss

It’s not the most inspiring pick, but Bliss desperately needs a boost in her career. Once labeled as the top woman in the women’s division, Bliss has now become an afterthought. She’s also not being used and has said that she is waiting for creative direction. Well, here’s some creative direction. Bliss could’ve used the Queen of the Ring to bring her back into her Goddess gimmick, the best era of Bliss in WWE. Have her become that stone cold little monster on the roster once again. Goddess and Queen of the Ring go hand in hand. In a time where we still need more top-level women superstars, Bliss could have been a great Queen of the Ring in order to become a convincing champion, something we haven’t seen 2018.

Final Picks:

King of the Ring: Chad Gable. At the end of the day, Gable would’ve been my final pick for King of the Ring. The shoosh gimmick would’ve been a perfect combination with holding down the crown. Of the three options, Knight would be better suited for another gimmick win like the Money in the Bank. Meanwhile, Balor can still excel in the upper midcard without the King of the Ring, more so than Gable. It’s time for Gable to finally get a singles push.

Queen of the Ring: Asuka. The women’s division was really tough to choose from. Flair doesn’t need it, and Bliss is still so far out of the picture right now. Asuka would seem like a perfect enough option for Queen of the Ring. Despite her achievements and promising new character, Asuka can still use one more piece to the puzzle. Being the Queen of the Ring would be unique and different than the past winners we’ve seen in these tournaments.

Do you agree with my choices for WWE King and Queen of the Ring? Who would you have had taking home the coveted crowns? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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