Who Has The Brightest Star In NXT?


As 2014 came to a close, one thing that was certain in the WWE was that the future was very bright. Coming off the heels of NXT’s live special “R-Evolution”, things seemed right in the world. And now after NXT latest special “NXT: Rival” things might just be looking even better. 

With wrestlers such as: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Adrain Neville, and others leading the helm, it’s clear that Triple H and crew have brought together one of the most talented roster in wrestling history. And I haven’t even mentioned that female wrestlers yet! But with the future being so bright, one has to sit back and wonder, who’s star shines brighter than the rest? I mean, there has to be someone, right? Well, lets see some of our options:


As previously stated, NXT has one of the most talented rosters ever brought together in wrestling history (in my opinion) so it’s going to be extremely difficult to choose who has the brightest star and most overall potential to really make it in the WWE, so I thought that instead of trying to choose myself, I want to hear about others think. So what I’m going to do is put a list of NXT stars and my personal opinion of them, then you all can put in the comments who YOU THINK has the brightest star and why….. Here we go:

1) Kevin Owens:
After a brutal beatdown on Sami Zayn at NXT’s most recent special “Rival”, Kevin Owens is your new and current NXT Champion. Now, despite some opinions about weather Owens earned his spot in NXT or not, Owens is an extremely talented wrestler and speaker and it’s well noted that he spent 14 years traveling the world before making it to the WWE. Now on top of his talent, Owens has the “IT” factor. Now, I know we hear that a lot, but I’m not talking about your normal IT factor. I’m talking about the Vince McMahon IT factor. Owens is a big guy. He could no doubt get in better shape, but his size is nonetheless scary. His size not only gives him an advantage against most NXT stars, but Owens also has the ability to fly and run around the ring with the best of them. Which in my opinion makes Owens an all-around great performer and a possible future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

2) Finn Balor:
What isn’t there to say about Finn Balor? The man formerly known as Prince Devitt has no doubt made a name for himself since joining the NXT roster. From his epic faceprint, to his Undertaker long entrance, to his “best in the world” in-ring ability. Finn is another one that could be considered a force in the future plans of the WWE. Clearly, Finn lacks mic skills, but he no doubt makes up for it inside the ring. Now, the problem with Finn (much like nearly all the people on this list) is that he lacks the size that Vince McMahon really likes in a WWE Superstar. In a way, Finn reminds me a lot of Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is an outstanding in-ring worker, probably one of the best WWE has had since Shawn Michaels, but he hasn’t fully been given that chance yet to truly run with the ball. Now some can argue that Dolph is a two-time Heavyweight Champion, but that’s a totally different discussion. The point is, Finn can be a future WWE Champion if built and used correctly on the main roster….. Right Daniel Bryan?

3) Sami Zayn:
Sami Zayn, the shortest reigning NXT Champion in history. Holding the championship for only two months. The first man, to my knowledge, in WWE history to have lose his championship due to TKO. But honestly, what a way to lose a championship. Not only did Sami’s title lose add so much to his feud with Kevin Owens, but it showed just how tough Sami Zayn is that he had to be knocked out to lose his championship. It’s matches like that that show just how talented and tough Sami Zayn is. And because of that, he’s on this list. Sami is another one where he’s super talented. He’s clearly a top guy in NXT and belongs on WWE’s main roster, but the question is: Will Sami Zayn be on WWE’s main roster any time soon? And if he will be, will he become a top guy? Honestly, I think the answer is no. At max, I could see Sami Zayn as Intercontinental Champion and become much like Kofi Kingston. A super talented wrestler, has all the potential in the world, but can’t break through the glass window. At least, I don’t see it happening while Vince McMahon is calling the shots on the main roster. Because I’m sure that if Triple H was running things, half the main roster would have been fired by now and replaced by NXT superstars. Just saying.

4) Adrain Neville:
It’s sad to say, but I feel the same way about Adrain Neville as I do Sami Zayn. He’s super talented, but mid-carder on the main roster. Maybe a future Tag Team Champion.

5) Baron Corbin:
To me, Baron Corbin is a much more talented version of Goldberg. The dude is a beast and could be a future NXT Champion, and if used right, maybe a future champion on the main roster. Right now, he has a lot go room to grow and I think that could make him a big deal in years to come.

6) The NXT Divas:
Now before you ask, yes, I’m putting all the NXT Divas into one thing. Why? Because they’re freaking amazing. Now one NXT Diva is untalented. Just watch the 4-Way Divas match from NXT: Rival. That match could of easily been seen as the best match of the night. WWE should honestly release the majority of the main roster Divas and replace them with the NXT Divas…. Oh, and also LET THEM WRESTLE! You hear that Vince, let the NXT Divas shine brighter than ever before! The NXT Divas show me that there’s a future for women’s wrestling in the WWE. 

So, there you go. That’s my opinion. Now it’s your turn. Leave your opinion in a comment below!

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