Who In The Shield Has The Brightest Future?


First and foremost, i want to wish every single one of you wrestling fans a happy and healthy holiday season. I want to thank those of you who have commented on my editorials, whether it has been positive or constructive criticism. I take these things and hopefully, it will make me become better in 2014. Now, as you can see The Shield are starting to break up from within. They are most likely going to start their separate singles careers after. But which one of them will have the best future? Let’s take a look at each member.

Seth Rollins: Seth Rollins is by far the most athletically gifted and most technically sound member of The Shield. In my opinion, he has put on the most entertaining singles matches out of any three members of The Shield. When he breaks up, I can see him being a top face in WWE, as a solid mid-card champion. When it comes to World Titles, however, I might want to hesitate a bit. I don’t think he has the charisma to get a decent world title yet. What I am saying is a bit premature, because he doesn’t really get a lot of mic time and his crowd reactions are a bit up and down for me, so I’ll have to see about that. I don’t expect Rollins to win any world title, and if he does it will be after Ambrose and Reigns.

Roman Reigns: It is clear that WWE has the most faith in Roman Reigns out of the group. He has looked the most dominant, and he has been the one getting all the pins or having all the incredible spots. Comparisons have already been made to him being the next Batista. Now, in all honesty, I do love me some Roman Reigns, and a world-title filled future isn’t out of the question. But I just want to see a bit more from him you know. I mean, his in-ring abilities is elite for a man his size. But in terms of everything else, I just really can’t see it, YET. Who knows what Reigns will be like as a singles. He may very well be the next Batista for all I know. But I think that talks of him being a future World Champion FIRST might be a bit too early, not to say he won’t impress. WWE is extremely high on him so I wouldn’t be surprised. They are already booking him strong for the Royal Rumble. In addition to that, he is due for a huge push, so if he is the first to win a world title, I won’t be shocked.

Dean Ambrose: I think Ambrose is the most underrated character of The Shield. I mean, the guy has the full package. He has the in ring credibility. He has the look of an elite heel, and his in ring skill is bar none. I mean i believe Rollins is the better wrestler, but Ambrose is more than capable of putting on a PPV quality match with any person if he so chooses. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more people talk about Ambrose in a positive way because I believe he is the one that will have the brightest future from The Shield. If The Shield is Evolution, then Ambrose is Triple H, Reigns is Batista and Rollins is Randy Orton. He is the soul leader, and he is more than capable of winning world titles on his own and carrying much prestige to it. I just wish they would make him defend the United States title more. If you ask me, I think Dean has the brightest future of The Shield.

Who do you guys think will have the best future of The Shield? Comment below. Thanks for reading guys, and enjoy your Christmas.

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