Who Should Be Mr. Money in the Bank 2015? Predictions for PPV’s Ladder Match


Kofi Kingston

New Day rocks in more ways than one and Kofi Kingston is an absolute phenomenon when it comes to gimmick matches, but very much like Neville, that’s the reason why he’s here rather than because he has a shot at winning. There’s no doubt that Kingston will do something crazy that will end up being a highlight of the entire pay-per-view. Sadly for him, there’s also no doubt that he will fail to win the match.

When there were two world titles, Kingston was someone that WWE could have tried out a world title run with to see if he had staying power in the main event. Now that there is only one top tier championship, it’s highly unlikely WWE will ever view him as being in the same league as John Cena and company. Losing this match doesn’t devalue Kingston as he still has the Tag Team Championship that he’s sharing with Big E and Xavier Woods, so he will continue to be featured prominently until that changes. While it would be funny to see the trio share the briefcase and argue about who gets to cash it in, the best we can look forward to is probably a spot in this match where the other two interfere in some fashion.

The 2015 Mr. Money in the Bank = Roman Reigns

Again, it’s the obvious choice. Nobody should be surprised at my choice, nor should they be surprised when Reigns wins. He is the biggest star that has not been devalued, which automatically shoots him straight to the top. He’s also a babyface, so that fits in well for him to be the next champion in the timeline. In particular, considering the events that transpired between Reigns, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view could be exactly what this year’s Money in the Bank revolves around.

Kane and Rollins having a full circle feud makes sense, but even more logical than that would be if Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins have a title match at SummerSlam where Roman Reigns can cash in and win the title. Doing this would mean payback for what happened at WrestleMania, getting WWE back on track with what they wanted to do originally, but it also is a means for Lesnar to lose another match without making him look weak. In a way, you kill two birds with one stone. WWE has been building Reigns up over the past few weeks as the guy to watch out for since he’s had to defend his spot in the match. It’s not set in stone, but more often than not, when WWE does this, they follow through with that person winning. Considering how Reigns has been gaining the support from the crowd again, there really is no reason for him not to follow in those footsteps and be given the honor.

Who do you think will end up winning the contract on Sunday? For that matter, who would you prefer to win the match? Tell us your predictions, booking ideas and general thoughts in the comments below!

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